A Little More Jesus

“I love Gospel Music. What I hear in it, is the
beauty of humans yearning so deeply
for something beautiful.” – Aragon the Atheist

Gospel Music and Atheists Connect in Song
by Kendall F. Person

We often think of Gospel Music as a genre, that can only be felt by religious zealots, enjoyed by persons of faith or absolute worshipers of a Higher Power. But Erica Campbell’s ‘A Little More Jesus’, along with a directed response by Aragon the Atheist to a question in an online community discussion: Atheists Who Love Gospel Music dispels the notion of a contradiction. In our personal search for peace, the rich, hope-filled music dives into the consciousness of the non-believers, connecting on parallel to the devout. It appears, at our most humbled, we accept moments of inner sanctity, however they are given to us, rather than be without.

I got to mad and I said to much
Went too far and I almost cussed
No my mama didn’t raise me that way
Lord I need a little help today

Rather we study a specific religion, surrender to the word of God; or even if we are steadfast in science – that all of mankind derived from a single atom, when the big bang went off – gospel music inspires. It delivers strength, courage and bonds humanity to a single concept; that we are – in equal parts – enduring the same struggle and reveling in a joint celebration called life.


from 2013,
A Little More Jesus by Erica Campbell


A Little More Jesus by Erica Campbell is not simply a divine right set to song, it is human emotion, set atop an energizing, fast moving, hand clapping melody, that connects believers and non, discovering one less reason to divide. In Gospel Music, we find internal voices; one speaks to Jesus and the other speaks for peace, but both make us feel good about being alive.

— a song & music review courtesy of The Neighborhood 

It is difficult to say out loud, but we must keep the conversation going. We cannot let the young men and women of Parkland Florida down, like we have everyone else before them. Written for Las Vegas, but dedicated to the American casualties before and since, victims of gun violence and mass murder. The Neighborhood has nothing but love for the survivors.

Where Do The Butterflies Go?
dedicated to Parkland, Florida.


  1. I love Stryper, a heavy metal band consisting of Born Again Christians. Now, some may find this a contradiction in terms. They’re love for Jesus comes through in their songs but I have no problem with it, they make it sound good.

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  2. I disagree. While the technical execution of gospel music is often quite skilled, I usually find the lyrics and content morally and personally repugnant. I find it insulting, depressing, and overall inappropriate for any audience, religious or otherwise.


    • Hello. Thank you for adding your voice and stopping in. Such a heavy weight you distribute on so many people, based on how you feel. As a general rule, I do rebut anonymous, but nonetheless The Neighborhood is all inclusive and I wanted to welcome you here.


    • I disagree with you, I recommend artistes like Meredith Andrews(American) and(Joshua mike-Bamiloye a.k.a Jay-mikee(Nigerian) that would proof you wrong


  3. I’m not religious, but I have always appreciated the soul in the Gospel music. People don’t sing with their voices, they sing with their soul and this touch my soul.

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    • I know how I felt, but always nice to receive confirmation that indeed A Little More Jesus hits the all round mark. Thank you for adding your voice. So good to have you in The Neighborhood (huge smile)


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