developed by Kendall F. Person
produced by The Neighborhood

by Vincent Hart

Vincent Hart
In spite of my hopes (Or all I’ve done) my greatest fear seemed destined to come alive. But even if MARTIAL LAW becomes [law of the land and/or establishes a new world order], I am determined to  invest my most earnest, and sincere, contribution toward a united global community

Why is pain, abuse, selfishness, and retaliation easy roles to portray? Whereas, selfless support, mentoring, love, acceptance, forgiveness, and the pursuit of communal discovery, one of the most difficult genres of man’s agenda toward a collective understanding of self?

From 10,000 Men Named George to Zootopia, man continues to demonstrate just how fearful we are with pushing the boundary of life’s most dismissed expressions. As in ‘The Art of War: Sun Tzu‘, it is the strategy to appear strong when, in fact, you are weak. Appearing to have the advantage when, in actuality, you are outnumbered, under resourced, and lack the core of all political, economic, or social structures… ‘UNITY!‘ 

Man, whether he/she chooses to or not, continues to embark on the greatest role, upon the largest platform in existence… LIFE! 

As in Theatre, man strives to build a meaningful name  for one’s self. There are others that are on a similar type journey. Unfortunately, man has been programmed not to seek assistance, but rather rely on self to resolve most of life’s challenges by discrediting, out-performing, or sabotaging their most seasoned colleagues. Colleagues who have taken the time to pursue, study, develop, and master some of the most effective processes that allow for the discovery of individual purpose.  

Why does man so easily forget that the founding of our productions’ platform (nation), in which we (individually) confess to belong to, was achieved by highlighting and exploiting the oppositions weaknesses, imposing the desired structure upon the indigenous characters, and destroying those roles that would prove toxic to the underlining, as well as imposed, genre. 

Why must the rules remain the same, while the BIG SCREEN continues to evolve? Man feels that he must corrupt, imprison, deface, pollute, and/or destroy that which he does not understand nor control. The only way man is ever going to overcome this particular Achilles Heel, within our global community, is to courageously, honestly, and thoroughly communicate with one another. 

Communicate on how each role, if performed appropriately (relative to the gifts, talents, and strengths of each character), can collectively pull off the largest award-winning production of a long-awaited title, ‘PARADISE.’ 

In life, much like Theatre, the challenge is to remain authentic while investigating the best role that would inevitably accent, add to, and/or explore the benefits of man’s creativity/expression of self. 

Not everyone is qualified to be cast for a leading role! With more supportive roles than leading ones, every character possesses the possibility to bring life (so to speak) to an extremely vital segment in the accurate portrayal of man’s most precious and endangered commodity. A priceless commodity that rebelliously remains overlooked, underappreciated, and selfishly dismissed as nothing more than an unattainable concept… ‘UNITY! 



this is…. The Neighborhood 

End of Season V. Season VI begins In March 2018. However, you can  anticipate spontaneous shows throughout the hiatus. Thank you and have a happy and safe New Years. – KP

Much love. More Peace. Most Imagination.

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