Most of us swallow down
the silent screams and just carry on.
[But] It’s not conducive to a picture
perfect personal or professional life…
to have a raging meltdown
Where Do the Silent Screams Go?*


from Walk Off the Earth
with Fire in My Soul


Sometimes, depression from repressed pain
can be eliminated through the scream.
– Dr. Arthur Janov, Primal Scream


Anonymous Comment
Over a year ago, I escaped a sexual assault, but not by much. He still managed to take something away from me, that I just can’t seem to get back. I’m depressed all the time; like I’m having a nervous breakdown, and I even have thoughts of ending my life. Counseling hasn’t managed to beat it, leaving me with no idea how to shake my attacker. – He’s still got me 

Within a primal scream, you were released from the attack;
and with the burst of an imagined gunshot sound,
you blew away the memory of your attacker.
– When the Abuse Stops

Response: Dear U Got Us
Counseling is a tool, and while it works alone for some, for many it is more effective when part of an overall plan. Support groups are most helpful. Selecting the appropriate group will surround you with people who have gone through the same or quite similar aggression, and are at varying stages in conquering the all-consuming depression.

Become active as much as you can. Volunteer to feed the hungry, take a class at the local college. Filling your mind with positive, self-supportive devices, concentrating on building memories with the loved ones around you, and if you are a person of faith, reach for it now, it goes a long way. Time will also contribute to diminishing this scarring portion of your life. But always know, your life is precious and valued and has meaning, defined well beyond the cruelty of the attacker. Please, print your question and show it to someone you trust. Someone(s) who will recognize the urgency of your need to talk and your cry for help.

In the words of Skylar Liberty Rose, “Let every difficult moment find a place where it can breathe without restriction.”  And do not hesitate nor be ashamed to scream away the pain.

— Kendall F. Person

Cheers from Depression

emoticons courtesy of Alexas Fotus
*Positively Positive: Depression or Suppression?
Where Do the Silent Screams Go?
Psychology Today: Primal Scream Therapy

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  3. We’re here with you! Many of us have gone through many of these same situations and other situations that have drawn us close to calling it quits. Hang in there. Reach out and share. You are expressing yourself so well and we all need your encouragement too. Please visit and hopefully join (a new site I just started). You’re in my thoughts and prayers. Much love to you. Sharon

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    • So good to see you and thank you for adding your voice of knowledge and wisdom to this forum. Each voice, amplifies the message of depression. Always a pleasure.


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