the lovings

the lovings

True love is like ghosts,
which everyone talks
about but few have seen.
– François de la Rochefoucauld


from Vancouver British Columbia
Renan Javier with Pillars


All that Mattered
written & edited by Kendall F. Person

It didn’t matter
whose gaze more badder.
All that mattered
was that they found each other,
while walking across the street.
It didn’t matter whose bell rung louder
or whose heart went pitter patter.
All that mattered was the chitter chatter
of the moon and the stars that be.

Love at first sight, oh it just might be
the one they had been searching for.
It was a fools thought that said it couldn’t be
but why should we limit our passion
when much of the world is ugly and not free.
It didn’t matter where they tied the knot,
only that they agreed
for the minister had asked them both,
“Will you – accept thee?”

It didn’t matter
the place, the first time they made love
only that they both cried out
and shuttered at each other’s touch
and undying love.

They were the Lovings,
living as husband and wife,
through joy and strife
and happiness as only the pure can be.
It didn’t matter
where they came from,
only each had found the other
now living their lives as one.

It didn’t matter,
the timing of pitter patter,
of tiny feet and hungry mouths to feed.
The Lovings gave birth,
to a son, the bloodline and first
of the next generation
of good people and good seeds.
Their lives were in sync,
the circle now complete
“Oh thank you,
Lord for this union you gave
we shall walk in your house forever,
and give back all that you gave.”

But the devil had bigger plans,
hell bent on destroying the master’s stand.
And sometime during the night,
he dropped by the loving sight
leaving anguish and fright with thee.
It didn’t matter whose heart broke harder
or whose tears fell faster.

The morning they awoke
and discovered their first child
bloated and choked,
and dying at the young age of three.
The Lovings fell down, creating residue
of a love that drowned.

It didn’t matter who held who,
only that they were together,
feeling the pain
of a color turned blue.
It didn’t matter who stood first,
the other followed
determined to continue living
and uphold
the child of birth.

The morning came, and the sun  gained fame.
The Lovings opened their eyes, and
gave way to the new day,
determined not to cry.
They prepared for the day ahead,
trying not to think of the previous day’s dread.
But the agony would not go away,
and they cursed their God for taking
their only child away.

It didn’t matter who repented faster,
only that they did,
saving their souls which longed to be free.

They aged faster than their years,
losing their precious will to live.
Not wanting to suffer,
unable to breathe.
The Lovings had reached wits end
a place no human would ever wish to be.
They tried to go on,
making every attempt.
But could not find happiness,
being able only to vent.

And on a cold winter day,
The Lovings stood upon the cliff
enjoying the crashing waves.
Their lives had come full circle,
and this they both would know.

But now it had to end in the brutal and bitter cold.

It didn’t matter who died madder,
for both of their souls did leave.
All that mattered
was their love had shattered
across the rolling sea.




  1. There is always a beautiful and thought provoking post here…I love the style and presentation as much as the content–this is what makes it a work of art…I can feel the pain but I can also think about and discover why it matters.

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  3. Yeah, i myself don’t believe in all those times, which i had thought i was in love, believing it to be true love..

    Was short burst of lust, disguised as love..

    i often wonder is there really true love, only to see walking the street in the young an old couples each day..


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