I know not with what weapons
World War III will be fought,
but World War IV will be fought
with sticks and stones.
– Albert Einstein


What the World Needs Now
covered by Kasia Socha


written & edited by Kendall F. Person

All was quiet on that final night. The once busy streets were now completely deserted as everyone took cover in anticipation of what the next day would bring. The stillness of the air gave the furry creatures an eerie feeling as they scampered to take cover and prepare for the unknown. But even the beast had to choose sides. The snakes, jackals and hyenas headed for the darkness as the dogs, horses and gorillas galloped toward the light. World war was upon us and there was no middle ground.

The doors to the barn opened, sending a burst of light outward, lighting up the black sky. All efforts toward peace had failed, even though every person in every country knew that the nuclear option and the firing  of weapons of mass destruction, would achieved their mission. Two countries from the east were the first two step out; strong, proud, unbending, unyielding, unafraid for their minds could not imagine what havoc would be made. Hand on button, a salute to their flag, they were prepared to meet their enemy, although lines were blurred among the peaceful, as to whom the enemy could be.

The west had already united their army, determined to strike first, wanting to believe, if they could annihilate the enemy, then their part of the world would be spared. A few countries found solace somewhere in the middle, clinging to the elusive peace. And even though global war appeared inevitable, they would stand for world peace until the bombs destroyed them or the radiation made them ill.

Simultaneously, like robots, as if all humanity was already lost, leaders from both sides entered their secret chambers, and without further thought for fear of losing nerve, each begin the ritual, to launch the weapons of mass destruction, only fully comprehending, after they slid their hand and pushed the button.

World War III would be remembered by the survivors, as they ran naked through the woods, as the War that forced a power exchange… catapulting animal kingdom, back on top of the food chain.

The Neighborhood

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