We don’t need no education. We don’t need no thought control. No dark sarcasm in the classroom. Teacher, leave those kids alone. – Pink Floyd

from 1979, Pink Floyd with Another Brick in the Wall


It has become a spectacle more so than a  Presidential debate, but that is exactly what it is, and yet no heavy weight bout or triple crown run or Super Bowl Sunday has ever carried the burden of Leader of the Free World and President of the United States. And no matter, that the 2016 election cycle feels like an episode of our favorite or most hated show, and the excitement over the bombastic  has delivered gravitas to untruthfulness, which is now en vogue. And with 80% of voters polled, awaiting for the debate to simply cheer their candidate on, it is that 20% of the uncommitted that will tune in for a monumental and historic moment, and not a reality show, that wasn’t.

September 26, 2016



When the undecided voters see the  candidates on the same stage,  and when they  watch their interactions, and when they listen to questions of the moderator and then study their responses, what will guide them in their decision, what will spark them to make a choice? And will that choice become a hero or heroine, emblazoned in the hearts and minds of youth, always searching for a role model to emulate or a rock star to follow.

 by  Joanna  Mrowka
untitled by  Frank McKenna


The debate
Untitled by Tim Gouw

And when they watch from countries around the globe, what will they be thinking? If the moderator, who has a herculean task, is unable or unwilling to maintain the dignity of the hour, will the rest of the world be saddened  by the undignified collapse of the beacon of hope and reason or will the dominoes begin to fall, as each nation finds a leader that sees a vacuum and believes they can fill it.



Back in the states, the 20 percenters, will try to listen with an open mind, clearing the slate of days gone by. But no matter how hard they try, they will still wonder about bans or walls or someday when they achieve, will they suddenly become others on home soil, birthers in their native land.  Or will they feel overwhelmed and uninspired and helpless and not tune in or to their detriment and others, not bother to cast their vote


by Luka Zanon
by Spencer Plat via Getty Images
by Jorge Barahona


the debate
by Jakub Kriz 

And with so much hate, that will be staring at her, and with the occasion  even higher as the first woman to stand in her shoes at this juncture of the plateau, can she find a way to reach a nation, whose division has become more pronounced, Or with so many believing she is unfit, can she become the Commander in Chief to the 20 percent?



Has the 80% been hardened by a tough life? Have they lost their jobs or in fear of their lives? Or is that what we were told to believe and that is good enough? Or will the great debate find us all remembering  the great nation we live in and  the gladiator style arena, becomes more tranquil and we settle in to listen to  issues that affect our children? And we smile, not that we are any less confused  and  hesitant, since the burden  is on us to choose, but because the thespian losses his grip, as the moderator says NO to a three ringed circus,  and the 2016 election cycle, is spared the humiliation of falling by the wayside.


Hot Air by Gianandrea Villa
Scared by Dimitry Ratushny
Hello by Michael Mims


Friendly Debate
by Joshua Clay

When it is over, the big deal that was made, will  live up to its name, but perhaps a civil tone will be set and truthfulness we will get, and the theatrics be not on display and the roman Colosseum will  have been just hype and perhaps the debate will be nothing more than that.


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