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Peace Sign by Guy White



Scenario: We will hear the actual message from an Officer responding to a formal citizen complaint. All the information we have is within the text below and in the 1:38 seconds of recording. Personal information printed with permission. Consider this a case study – but do not forget, this is reality.


  1. Define the problem
  2. Develop – in whole or part – a solution
  3. Initial venting is completely acceptable and perhaps necessary. Prolonged venting becomes complaining which will knock a participant out of the discussion.
  4. Anger and emotion and differences of opinion are 100% expected and okay.
  5. Useless insults will immediately bar the offender from The Neighborhood and a chance to contribute toward Peace.


#OURWEEKOFPEACEThe Scene. A Black male and his Black wife were pulled over and according to the male passenger an officer’s gun was immediately drawn and aimed directly in his face, at  point blank range, no less.

Passenger: Kevin S. 51 year old Black Male
Driver: His wife – Black Female age unknown
Region: Sacramento
Jurisdiction: Sacramento City Police
Date: July 2016
Crime: No charges were filed, in fact no ticket nor citation was given and no reason for the stop was received.There were no warrants for either of their arrest and the registration was intact. The male did posses a criminal history, however, he was neither on probation or parole, as his dept to society had been paid.

Reasoning: Decided against using the passenger’s essay – which  he wrote immediately following the ordeal, to help him collect his nerves – since no response was received to our invitation – left a message directly with the officer, whose voice you will hear. Nor  was there a response to a properly formatted and channeled email to his department. But it does not matter, and all the information needed is here.

Human Peace Sign


Take a deep breath before you listen (YouTube video version and SoundCloud audio version, no difference in message, only in delivery (Media & Peace / Perception & Intent from DAY 3). Think for  a moment before responding. Peace is the word and the mission for the good of our communities. Good luck to each and every one of us. And if you are vociferous and opinionated, but choose to walk away, our hope is that  you are making  a contribution elsewhere, as the time for rhetoric expired in St. Paul and Dallas.





Catch up or revisit every topic from each day

Peace Signs Up

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  3. We have a close friend who is a police officer in Dallas. He was there the night everything happened and watched his friends get gunned down and die. His life is changed forever and his family is living in a new kind of fear now when he walks out the door to go to work. Everyone is afraid, police officers, black people, white people, Muslims, … the world is in chaos!! I pray for peace every day, but how can we have peace when people are dying for no good reason! I am sad and heart broken.. 😢

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    • Courtney – And you are brave. Thank you for being the first to step up and add your voice – and real story of tragedy and emotion. I understand. I have invited OG Law to take part in the discussion, I am hopeful others – Officers, victims, activists – ALL -contribute as well. Pushing passed fear is a first step. Fear makes us defensive and reactionary and looking for trouble because we are expecting trouble. I spent 4 years with a nonprofit organization with strong ties to law enforcement. I was in my late 30s or early 40s and it was the very first time I had personal relationships with Peace Officers (other than my brother’s short stent with the NYPD) and the first I time I saw them as us – the people. Completely changed my perception because it eliminated a fear of THEM V US.

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