Robert M. Goldstein – a talented artists, and a giving man – spends as much time traveling the globe via the internet, searching for and sharing the beautiful in pictures, faces neighborhoods and words, as he spends on himself. He has uncovered some truly wonderful artists, but this time…. he has discovered a star.

From Imali World, here is God’s Reply.

Imali by Zahara 

Hildah Imali

On reflection of the past and thoughts of the future.
I have loved
Only for my love
To land on metallic nerves.
I cared for people who cared
Less about me.
I have hugged a porcupine.
I have kissed venom .
I have caressed a mamba.

I have worried for people
Who worried less about
What my world had turned to.
I have held a desert’s hand..
And leaned on a wild beast’ shoulder.
I rested my head on a Lion’s chest.

I wonder in agony
Why this has to happen.
I look to the heavens
With bitterness
Sour tears rolling
To my lips.

Dear God
I know you have
An answer to my Question.

He looked into eyes
Stretched out His
Loving arms and
Hugged me with a
Holy embrace.

And whispered into my ears
” My child,this is what I feel
When I love you and you

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