Falling Star and the Story within the Story

Falling Star and the Story within the Story

What the eyes see and the ears hear,
the mind believes. – Harry Houdini


Charles Okpere walked into The Neighborhood several months ago and for three straight continuing series, all groundbreaking innovations: The Lives We Live A Reality Show, #TAG: The Neighborhood Anthology on Leadership & Authority & A Star is Born – he would thrill us with his words. But the Young Knight from Lagos held a rebellious streak, like many in his generation, all over the world. But I would remind him, that he asked me to be his mentor, and he would reluctantly stand down. But not this time, and it would cost him a proud finish, as the Chair of the Inner Council would disqualify him for his actions. And just like that…. the 8th Artist has disappeared.


Ignorant Intelligence
with The Final Frontier


A Star is Born plays out on a daily bases via thepublicblogger Facebook Page, only moving into The Neighborhood – converted into a Coliseum -when time to take the stage. Developed within the imagination, executed with originality and precision, spending nearly every waking moment, either in production or promotions or mentoring our young artists or building bridges or sending words  inspiration from what I write.




The carousel below, beholds a ‘taped version’ of the story within the story, as A Star is Born is live, played out in real time.  Join us for Round VIII: Imitation of Life Sunday @ 7:00 PM PST/9 CST & 10 EST – Kendall F. Person, creator of The Neighborhood and Producer of A Star is Born.
And sooner or later someone will hear me and make a donation, a step toward assuring a 4th Season.



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8 Comments on “Falling Star and the Story within the Story

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  3. With all due respect to all contestants.. ones still in the show and the ones evicted.. #AstarIsBorn has being an amazing show and a learning process.. for the time we’ll spent on doing what o love and given an opportunity to do this on this platform.. #Bless!!
    May the show continue 😉

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  4. What a show! As lead Judge I am privy to a great deal of the mechanism behind the scenes and I can only say that this competition is truly up for grabs by any one of these top three artist.

    I really am looking forward to round VIII – Round VII had to seem like climbing a mountain to these folks (sad indeed about Charles falling into that crevasse.) It is rarefied air that permeates the neighborhood at this moment. Many thanks to all these artists who have proven themselves fit to pack us along for this grand adventure. Kudos indeed to our “Sherpa Guide” Kendall F. Person, who knows quite well the view from the top and has invited us all along for this quest.


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    • In most sincerity, without committed people behind the scenes like you and the Panel you oversee, it would not be possible for the show to go on and perhaps, it would not have even taken flight. You are appreciated.

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  5. As much credit is given (and well deserved) to the performers, particularly in this latest round, a bow needs to be taken by Kendall — producer, orchestrator and magician. Well done.

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