Falling Star – 7th Artists Gone

from Philadelphia PA, welcome FIQ & VVS with Moving On, the theme song of A Star is Born


Sometimes, it is the little things that get us in the end. A see-saw battle on the various scorecards, saw Kelly Lewis and Charles Okpere locked in a pitched battle for survival.




But in the end, it would come down to a strategic move, that one camp simply would not take.


The only remaining Nominee without a proxy on the Judge’s Panel – trapped outside the inner circle – would cost her dearly in the end. And for that, the tie breaker would fall in Lagos Nigeria’s favor.  And Kelly Lewis would be thrown from the stage.



12 Comments on “Falling Star – 7th Artists Gone

  1. Kelly, it was a real pleasure and honor toshare the stage and backstage with you these last several weeks. Thanks for your talent, your humor and passion — all of whch helped make the experience all the more terrific, Cheers to you 😉

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  3. Kelly you still rock the words lady. Every champion needs a break. Can’t wait for your words after the calm. The amount of creativity to continue on can’t be pushed. The first album is always the best. Then after the break…. I can’t wait!

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  4. The time has come for me to take a timely bow and step down from the stage, for now. I’m just going grab some popcorn and take a seat within the crowd to watch the remaining 4 make The (whole) Neighborhood proud. It’s truly bittersweet, but I’m thankful for the opportunity, new friends and continued support I’ve received throughout!

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