Falling Star: Send in the Clown 6th Artists to Fall


Six days, was all the time there was. But recording My Heart was a priority for the parties involved and all were zoned in to get it done.

The Last Five

The Fantastic Five

Six days is all they had and not only did they come through, they did so representing other nations with flying colors.


Six days is how long the Nominees had to figure the best way to host a nation in The Neighborhood’s Celebration of The Arts. Six days to record the National Anthem – the request made of AnewDuo – fitting because they were hosting their own nation (USA) in Round V of A Star is Born. But 6 days was not enough, for the Anthem or anything else, so Anew(Duo) the contemporary gospel group accepted the option to play the video that first introduced them here, and quietly folded their hand and walked away.


No need for the clown, they left the building long ago.



Round VI Raw

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