from 2014, a Remix of the Unification

“The Destiny of Man is to unite, not to divide.
If you keep on dividing you end up as a
collection of monkeys throwing nuts at each
other out of separate trees.” – T.H. White

from Quebec Canada
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by Kendall F. Person

Christian CrossSay the name of God and silence will fall across the room or tension will fill the air or blood will boil beyond repair. Call out the name of Allah and all bets are off. Mention in a social discussion that you believe man is the driving force, and the word heathen symbolically surrounds your aura.

I have neither the credentials nor the knowledge nor the presumed pedigree to cast judgement on whatever you believe. I believe in God, but to religions I do not practice, that very well may not be enough. There are rules to follow in order to reach salvation, and it matters not if the rules were directed by the apostles or by the founders of the church, damned to eternal brimstone and fire, if the rules are not obeyed. Say the name of God and if we are not around others of a similar persuasion, count the seconds until the room starts to squirm.

MuslimIt matters not to whom we pray, prayer at the wrong time of day or not said in the right way will not be answered anyway. And the evolutionist say, prayers have no chance of being heard because God does not exist for there is only man. Say the name of God and the crowd will thin. Avoiding confrontation but saving the good word for only them. Those who stick around, roll up our sleeves and prepare to throw down. There is only one way to reach the promised land – we honestly believe – giving no credence to our brethren who believe in the one way that they seek.

JewishSay the name of God and be ridiculed as blasphemy, for in some Religions only a chosen few can communicate directly with Thee. It does not matter to modern man that most believe in peace, and many have tried to do the right thing. Walk this way or be doomed. Seven hail marys or be consumed. Pray facing the east, church on Sundays, the Book of Mormon, the Holy Bible or the Qur’an. Buddha, Jehovah, Yahweh or Christ, shout out the wrong name and lightning may strike twice.

A Higher Power or spiritual force is meant to be a unifying being and comforting source. A House of Worship should welcome the sick and downtrodden, not turn away sinners of whom man has deemed rotten. Say the name of God, then live by the sword  if I be lifted up, I will draw men unto myself to lift the name of Jesus for there is tranquility within ourselves when we practice what we preach.

On April 1st, just say “Hello.”

As the resistance coalesces in turning back the tide of ugly, and as the Kids in Florida continue to inspire, and as the MeToo Movement finds a fighter in Stormy, and as Southern Black Voters flip the script on repression, and as the Dreamers redefine America first as perseverance, and as the courageous Public Servants hold the wrecking balls at bay, and as community leaders nationwide, rise to the occasion, The Neighborhood remains steadfast in ratcheting up a literary defiance to the harm of truth.

On April 1st – WIN or LOSE – we rejoin the journey with an agenda set by you. And on Day 1 of our 6th Season –  the search for the butterfly begins.



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  3. Every word of the Scripture, properly understood, is the story of the Divine effort to heal the world of its separation from love. The primary impediment in that process is selfishness – the urge to hold on to power, thereby preventing it from flowing to those in greatest need. That’s not just limited to money and power – it includes wisdom and understanding, those gifts that the Christians receive from the “Holy Spirit” (others name it differently)

    Overcoming selfishness is an organic, “one step forward, three-quarters of a step back” kind of process. Modern religious hypocrisy (devolved to self-selected professionals, rather than inherited nobility or dependent priests) that you decry here is what I call “the last hurrah of selfishness.” We’re near the tipping point.. But it’s not a choice between organized religion and personal spirituality – organized religion does a huge amount of good in the world. It’s a competition between love and selfishness.

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  4. God ( Allah) is truth and mercy and forgiveness. He send his prophets as mercy and to guide people to motility and happiness in heaven . He didn’t ask for more than being faithful and thankful. God didn’t ask people to kill each other . God is the (peaceful ) and this is his name. Thank you

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  7. Kendall, I love the John 4:20 cite. Like you, I am a Christian, but do not practice it within a church. I would rather use my time to help others and advocate for inclusion. Religions set up rules that must be followed, in my belief, as a means of control through fear and exclusion. If you did not tow the line, you were ex-communicated. To me, this is the exact opposite of what is needed. A church of inclusion where all are welcome is a far better way to demonstrate faith.

    When I do go to churches, they tend to be this kind of church. Great post, Keith

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  8. As Kendall mentioned in this post, with all of the varied names of the different religions from around the world, whatever the call and title their Higher Power, they still believe in and praise to a, Higher Power.
    Including the varied names referencing their spiritual literature, the Bible or the Quran or be just an almanac. There is no Higher Power that serves any person or religious sect that condones violence upon others, (take a hint Isis) and it is not written in any religious text to do so. I have not read it yet, that being the Quran, but then to I have not completely read the Old or the New Testament of the Bible yet either from cover to cover. But I have been given a synopsis by a friend that said that even in the Quran it does not state to harm other people, (rough interpretation of what I remember).
    The bottom line is, just as a few of you have mentioned in your own replies to this edition, Be Kind. If you want to be treated like a Schmuck, or if you want to be treated like an A-hole, then by all means go ahead and treat people as such. But if you are going to sit there and complain to the world that you are not given respect, or treated with respect, and you are always looked down upon and you’re going to complain about that. There is only one way to stop that and that is to treat others with respect, praise other people for the little things they do, and look up to other people and they will look up to you. (Yes, that is a longer version of; do unto others as you would have them do unto you)

    Loved it Kendall, always thought-provoking and inspiring.
    Until next time my friend, God Speed

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    • Stippler – Thank you for adding your knowledge and wisdom. I often say, while I may direct a topic, the real sharing and learning and teaching takes place down here, the community forum. As always, my friend, you are appreciated very much.


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  10. Having grown in a Christian home where love of God and his children, all people, was taught, I was appalled when I became an adult and saw not only racism but power brokering, meaness, and smallness of mind and heart. I am still a Christian but practice my faith outside of a religious title such as Baptist or Presbyterian. I truly love people. Trying to learn to accept others and engage in friendship along with prayer, faith, blood, sweat and tears well, maybe someday…..

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    • Hello Joyful, I agree with your post 100%, but I do have one question and that is regarding your statement at the very end of your post. “Maybe someday…”? Maybe someday what?

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      • I was aiming at sounding wistfully hopeful. Lol. Maybe someday people will learn to live together and accept each other. Thanks for asking.

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        • I hope so as well.
          You know how people quite often answer the question, “is you had one wish….”. It is answered with, “peace on Earth”.
          I have one wish that I hope all peole will recognize only one Race…..
          The Human Race

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  11. Being a Buddhist, my responsibility to myself and all of society is to be kind, compassionate, and respectful of the inherent dignity of all life regardless of whether one is Christian, Muslim, Jewish, etc. If society continues to wage war in the name of their God, their religion, and their “rules” about salvation, there will never be a lasting peace among people. The key (in my opinion) is to recognize that not all believe as everyone else, and to respect their spiritual philosophy whatever it may be. Blood shed in the name of religion is not practicing what you think you believe in.

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  12. A difference in our views of God has created a chasm between my mom and me. She believes I’m going to hell for being gay. But God already told me that I’m not…

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    • If that is the case we are all going to hell for something. Is being gay more condemning on the scale because someone said so? The bible says if you you miss one point of the law you are guilty of all. Tired of the sliding scale based on here-say.

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  13. It is too bad because it’s not supposed to be this way. Rather than write a whole book in response, I am saddened by the blood and horror of the world and I can only promise to harm no one. How can the godless match my pledge, as well as those who politically proselytize peace with their faith through force. God only knows Compelling post. Thanks

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