grown women and little girls

Grown women are Queens young girls are princesses.
Juanita Rodgers, Diamonds on a Black Sheep

grown women and little girls


Some Days
by IvySoul Robinson


an artists collaboration

storyboard by Kendall F. Person
produced in The Neighborhood
and a host of writers & photographers

Heather Workes


“When the memories come, I go back to being a powerless little girl.  I only wanted to be a child, who got to have fun, play and feel loved.  Instead, I felt much like a rag, only needed at times by others to benefit them, no say so in the matter: just used, and hung alone to dry, till the next time.  ” Heather Works, When the Abuse Stops

Five days after Heather triumphantly told her story, she would make the permanent decision, to rid herself from the ghosts of her abusers, once and for all – but it took putting a bullet in her own head.



Young girls are the seeds we must nurture now if
our future is to be bright. – Young Deveraux Frazier,
An Aspergian’s Chemical Romance



Grown women are a complement to men,
and a mirror, that enables us to reinvent
the way we nurture the world. – Young Devereaux Frazier

“Today it is is our patriotic duty to lift up Special Agent Benjamin Grogan and Special Agent Jerry Dove from the streets of South Florida and place their names and pictures high where the world will know that we are proud of their sacrifice, sacrifice for our nation.National and World Women Leaders

“It is only fitting that their names should be placed on the same mantle with the letters FBI. Because Special Agent Grogan and Dove embody the sacred motto of which the agency has become known. Please repeat it after me: Fidelity. Bravery. And integrity.”
– Congresswoman Frederica Wilson, April 15, 2015  FBI Field Office Dedication, Miramar FL


In a final, desperate attempt to bring his wife under his control, he would pull a gun on the people’s candidate for President of Liberia, and threatened to blow her to kingdom come – if she did not pull out of the race. She thought about her people and all their hard work. She thought about the struggle of every Liberian boy and girl; and Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf would stand her ground. With the help of her son, who sprayed poison in his face, the coward would back down. And days later, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf would become the first woman in history, to be elected as leader of an African nation.




“All men are assholes and if you forget that,
they will remind you.” – some ecards

Settlements in the millions, even between corporate offices and government entities in representation of we the people, are rare occurrences indeed. Which is exactly what makes Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly’s $32 million settlement for the sexual harassment of Lis Wiehl not just staggering in its weight, but horrifying in scope and context: This was a settlement not a courtroom judgement, which would have triggered an immediate appeal and the jury labeled as a runaway. For $32 million, all he bought was her silence, which begs an answer: What in God’s name did he do to her; or was  Bill O’Reilly – Fox News’ $100 million dollar man – outsmarted by a woman? No Ordinary woman


If only it were the savage beatings she had to endure, perhaps her mind would not have snapped, but when a drunken John Bobbitt proceeded to rape her, she was pushed straight over the edge.

As he lay sleeping in a drunken stupor, rolling off his bride as if she were a common whore, she walked into the kitchen, calmed her nerves with a tall drink of water.No second guessing of should or should I not, she simply grabbed hold of a butcher knife, the sharpest one she could find. Then calmly strolled into the bedroom and faced her husband down. She would roll back the covers and become more enraged, for even after he used her, his penis still did beg. Giving no further consideration, she grabbed his manhood in one hand, while whirling the butcher knife in the other. After he awoke but before he could stop her, and with the power of a crazed goddess and the precision of a steel cutter, she swung the knife though the air and sliced his penis in half.

It was clear the jury of her peers understood or believed her state of mind, for they returned a verdict of not guilty, for the mutilation of her husband.


I’m here, hidden by the veil of myself, another self, not the one you know, but the one you expect and respect and reject so easily. Can you see me? – Zoe Grey, A Queer Cherokee Transwoman

Transgender and bulldaggerRetired Navy Seal Kristin Beck, all by herself makes  proposed ban an out the gate train wreck. As the first transgender to serve openly in the US Military; she served and protected with honor: Twenty years as a member of Seal Team Six – the same unit that took out Osama bin Laden – 13 deployments, seven combat tours, and a host of awards and medals, including the Bronze Star and the Purple Heart.


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