Program Guide: 2016 Mental Health Week ‘You are not alone’

You are not alone

The Neighborhood’s
2016 Mental Health Week

April 4 – 10, 2016

“When your close family member (parent, sibling, cousin) suffers from bipolar disorder, you can’t help but consider the inheritability of the disorder. You’re constantly checking yourself for signs of crazy.” – Marguerite Suzette Rodriguez Sanders

Program Guide 2016 Mental Health Week


Program Guide 

Monday April 4
Noon PST: Addiction presented by Kendall F. Person
6:00pm PST: Depression Suzanne Davidson

Tuesday April 5
Noon: Anorexia presented by Rebecca Lemke
6:00pm PST: Cutting presented by Erin Farris
8:00pm PST: Short Film

Wednesday, April 6
Noon: Poetry Relief Robert Webster
6:00pm PST: PTSD/Suicide – 
8:00pm PST: The Depths of Crazy 

Thursday, April 7
Noon: Panic Attack presented by Marc Christian
6:00pm PST: Bipolar presented by Brittany Day
8:00pm PST The Depths of Crazy continues

Friday, April 8
Noon: Victim Syndrome/Habitual Lying presented by Kendall F. Person
6:00pm PST Multiple Personalities presented by Robert M. Goldstein
8:00pm PST The Depths of Crazy the conclusion

Saturday April 9
Noon: Mental Health presented by Suzette Sanders
6:00pm PST: Preparation for Day of Celebration

Sunday, April 10
10:00am PST: Our Day of Celebration
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  1. Hi Kendall! Sorry about spelling, we had to go before editing! Hey, my niece Myia Blackwood just wrote a guest blog the other day about addiction, posted on my blog trying to get our Representatives to set up working Detox centers “Tomorrow,” to save lives. Myia writes about how hard it is for our heroin addicts to get the asylum needed to get clean, and none will the way we are presently doing things. Its in a recent blog, you know where, and fits your topic today. I’ll be hangin’ around all week, trying to bug you only for good reasons! Peace, Dude- we like your work!

    P.S. I thought that one was about lions, and only saw, after you showed me, about the Tunisian lions after writing about Jesus and David, cause, well, they know the most about lions!


  2. And what is “Bi-polar disorder” or manic depression? One thing we are sure of is that it is a category of the DSM more misapplied than not, and that drugs will be prescribed earning a lot of money for both the shrinks and the drug companies, while doing the “patients” more harm than good in most cases. What is “criminal corruption” disorder? Hey, CCD! Or Ignorance and disregard of the Hippocratic oath disorder, IADOTHOD! I think I’ll prescribe a reading of your philosopher Ahmad, so those shrinks and drug company people can begin to find a cure, cause, you know Kendall, we can help. Then we’ll prescribe that Congress get ahold of the psychiatric drug industry that play upon our ignorance of the causes regarding the soul of man to bilk the people and Obamacare of so much money that genuine asylum cannot be provided, the soul cannot be studied in any university program of psychology or psychiatry, and Heroin addicts ensnared by the oxy scam cannot find a detox center, so they die a painful death, as many will tody, while we sit here and tell people they can “get help” for nonexistand or half existant mental “disorders.” Tell us first, what is a well ordered soul? Oh they have never studied it! In fact, it is “unscientific ” to turn to the wise to study it, yet they know a “dis” order well enough to profit!t

    Its not those polar bears we are worried about, its the Bi-polar bears!


    • It is available right here in The Neighborhood. The only day solely on Facebook is Sunday, the day of Celebration, but we will figure out a way to hold celebration here as well. I believe some presentations will be on podcast. Thank you for your inquiry and for being a part of The Neighborhood’s Mental Health Week.

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