The Underground’s Most Beautiful People Year-End Edition

The Underground's Most Beautiful People Year End

Soaring Bird by Keyur Panchal of Keep Picturing

Dark Flower  by Saida

It’s difficult to speak with beautiful people.
No matter how hard you pretend otherwise,
you still want them to like you. – Douglas Coupland



Raw Then Tic by Morissaaa


With the out of the gate popularity of The Underground’s Most Beautiful People, a year-end edition was  a forgone conclusion. A 7 member, 5 genre-wide panel (4 women/3 men) stole away on an online retreat, with the sole mission, to determine – from scores of photographs – the underground’s Most Beautiful People 2015.



Dark Flower

Dark Flower by Saida


Danijel Firak‘s absentee minded professor look may throw us at first sight, but as one panelist would say, “I’d take that class.”


MorissaaaYou are currently listening to Morissaaa, the recording artist from Florida, with the raspy voice. Genuine, talented, professional and beautiful.


VVS Stone Reives





When it was explained, that VVS Stone Reives was not actually in  A Star is Born, but performs the theme song, it is rumored that a panelist responded, “Can I just keep the photo? I’m not really into Barbara Streisand movies.”


Marie Chidi Okorie, of whom not much is known, but then again, panelists were not asked to determine fitness or intellect,  only beauty.


Ned and Alicia Hickson

Ned & Alicia Hickson are even more beautiful together.








“Thomas & Rebecca Lemke remind us of a younger version of a famous Hollywood couple.”






Charitha Kulatunge

“He can paint me, anytime,” one panelist joked (or maybe not) upon discovering his nude works of art. “Charitha is simply gorgeous.”


Flower Crittenden The way she walked away from a bad relationship and the way she blossomed right before our eyes, would inspire, and easily make Flower one of the most beautiful in the underground.


Prospec Flow
Prospec Flow has the type of look that has leading man all over it. And as it turns out, he is both a hard worker and a good guy.


Chio Smith

Chio Smith is simply stunning. Why bother with more words.
Keyur Panchal



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