Falling Star: An Artists Collaborative Goodbye

dark flower

Dark Flower by Saida

It is not as if Anew(Duo) is lacking in a loyal fan base, the initial announcement of their nomination, saw an explosion of excitement, for this contemporary gospel group. But something happened this week: lack of campaigning, minimal fan outreach, or none of the above, but here or somewhere else, it should be analyzed, as they are much too talented, to one day find themselves, pondering the what-ifs. While not required, the absence of Crystal is a distraction that is easily rectified.

from Chicago Illinois, Anew(Duo) in a song so beautiful and supportive, it tends to provide the strength needed, even when we feel like giving up.

I’m Sorry the lyrics by Anew(Duo)


The generation of Summer Rose is different then the ones before hers. To greater or lesser degrees, many are filled with an independence so literal it becomes reckless or wasteful. To this day, she has never asked for or accepted assistance of any kind, like fan outreach and voting blocs. Some may say, and point taken, look how far she has come. But I have said, “You were an alternate, and yet you have outlasted 4 Artists who were voted over you in the first place. And if you don’t believe by now, you can with this whole thing, you probably won’t change your opinion in the next two months either.” So incredibly talented. And so independent, that she never realized that she is still learning her craft, yet she is surrounded by masters of their art. But I am so glad she took part.
Indestructible Summer


Send in the Clown

Send in the Clown


Summer Rose


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