Knock Knock

Knock Knock

Please cast your vote before exiting the show.
And may laughter by your gauge.

Knock Knock
Who’s there?
Avenue who?
Avenue knocked on this door before?

Knock Knock

Christopher De Voss, Orlando Florida

2013 Winner Best Comedy Blog Post
My Simplistic Review OF The Smart Watch


The team of Long Awkward Pause proudly presents….
this year’s Nominees for the 2014 Public Blogger Awards in the category of…Best Hummus Blog Post.

We searched far and wide and combed every possible corner of the internet to find the best blogs about Hummus.

We found only one:

So we decided to scrap that and nominate blogs in the humor category instead.


If you would like to find great recipes on hummus, then check out that blog…

If you would like to laugh instead, check out our Nominees.

and the nominees are……

from Thought Catalog
19 Things You Need To Know Before You Date A Sarcastic Girl
written by Crissy Milazzo

Knock Knock

a sarcastic girl

No. 14 There’s nothing in my eye
I’m actually having an emotional reaction to something. I’m not actually sure what this salty, watery substance is coming out of my eyeballs right now but it happens sometimes when I get upset. You don’t need to stare at me like I’m on fire. I have feelings!

Knock Knock

from YouTube
Christian VS Muslim
produced by DarkMatter2525

Knock Knock

from Snoozing on the Sofa
Reading is fun except for all those words
written by Scott Nagele

Knock Knock

Reading is Fun

So it boils down to this: reading is fun, especially when accompanied by numerous illustrations, but the enjoyment can be diminished by an overabundance of difficult pages.

Knock Knock

from The Chris Brake Show
Neighbor’s Eggs
on air podcast personalities Chris Brake & John Rapp



Knock Knock

from Drinking Tips for Teens
written by Ross Murray

Knock Knock

Canadian Ross Murray

So here’s that lesson I promised you: Phishing scams are like thunderstorms. They happen all the time and are mostly harmless. and every now and then they find the perfect, (distracted, stupid) conductor. So always, always wear rubber boots on your brain.

Knock Knock

from Once Upon Your Prime
I’ll Have the Menopasta w/a side of Heatballs, please!
written by Stephanie Mark Lewis


Knock Knock


Wilted Insomnia on a bed of Lettuce (lettuce sleep please!) tossed (and turned) with Mean Goddess Dressing.
Black Cohash, Succatash Squash, gently sauteed in Evening Primrose Oil
Chicken Tender Breast battered with Lose Your Temper Tempura
Hot {Flash} Sundae.

Knock Knock

from A Buick in the Land of Lexus
Moist Painties
written by Samara Rose


Knock Knock

samara speaks

I live in a world of words. My job immerses me in words; I write, I talk a lot and I have a kid who speaks non stop. There are words, however, that just make me want to hork.


24 Comments on “Knock Knock

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  4. It was a pleasure meeting up with you on Facebook and thank you very much for the nice mention here. I feel a little pressure to leave a comment that works in another restaurant menu item . . . like, “I hereby d’eclair my gratatouille for this nomination – – but I think that’s enough indigestion for one post. 😉


  5. Omigosh! I am laughing so hard… thank you for introducing me to Once Upon Your Prime!


    • Samara – The Neighborhood understands that we are a small voice, but we do everything within our means to assure we remain a respected voice. Unfortunately, the Comedy Category process has come into question and we have made the decision to suspend the category until further notice. We are very proud of each of our nominees and hope you understand, our intent is to do the best we can. The pleasure is ours. – Kendall


  6. I am the biggest Mulaney fan [his show needs work] but! This bit is by far and away my favorite. A pristine example of comedic story telling and what an intelligent prank for a pair of 11 year-olds!

    Excellent choice, mon ami!


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