Dumb Has its Place

ImageSometimes stupid is good. Remember Dumb and Dumber? A major motion picture, starring Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels, that certainly lived up to its title. It was simple, silly, and unmemorable in every way, except one: that it was so damn funny.  Every feature film does not have to be in contention for an Academy Award nor its director vying for induction into the movie making hall of fame. Every now and again, it is perfectly okay to take an ‘imbecile’s vacation’. Shut down, kick back and allow the movie, or play or show to do all of the work. No tension placing your stomach in a knot. Void of any real plot line, relieving a person of the strain of keeping up. Just entertainment, that tries to be and do nothing more. Every now and then, dumb is good.

Bloggers are Weird is a podcast by DJ Paris, broadcasted via Thoughts From Paris. It is an out-of-the-gate silly, obnoxious and immature blog/website, yet it entertains the part of the brain, which normally lies dormant, yet still requires a few IQ points of attention. My Poop Pants at 26 is a podcast, tweeted throughout the blogosphere, of Paris deadpanning a step-by-step, verbal reenactment of the Cause, the Incident and the Aftermath of the second time he pooped his pants as an adult. Sounds gross? Well, it is. Sound dumb? Then I have made the entire point of this review. But as an audio, it requires no attention, zero. It played at mid-level volume in the background, while I continued to work on the computer. But by the podcast’s end, the volume was up a few more decibels, and even a friend, that dropped in for a visit, tuned in and enjoyed the show. The story is funny, and while his delivery is Benny Hill-dry, somehow you cannot stop laughing. What I enjoyed the most, is DJ Paris does not take himself nor his listeners too seriously. While the atmosphere appears  relaxed and  even unprofessional, I have an idea this is all part of the act (not only was there a dog barking in the background, but Paris literally focuses his full attention on the barking dog, trying to silence it, and offers no apology to his listeners). Scripted performance or accidental humor, a laugh is a laugh. But wait, there’s more. The header, on the home page, of the actual website refers to visitors as fools if they mistakenly, but understandably believe Paris  (in Thoughts from Paris) refers to the city. On another podcast, he basically tells his followers to get a life, if they are listening to any one of his podcast more than once.

There are some downers. His guest blogger, Ceccily Kellog – Uppercase Woman, was the total opposite of the atmosphere DJ Paris creates. Within seconds of her introduction, the happy-go-lucky-buzz evaporates, and it becomes a totally different kind of show. Not that she was bad, but she was serious. And  if I had wanted serious, I would not have just listened to a ten minute diatribe on a grown man pooping his pants (and of course, DJ Paris brilliantly points this out with another slam at his audience, which at the time, would have been me). The site is plain jane and less than a breeze to navigate, but that may actually be by design. DJ Paris takes so many blatant shots at his listeners, we may actually be the butt of the entire joke itself.

Kendall F. Person – thepublicblogger

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