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Happy Mother’s Day

“Who’s a boy gonna talk
to if not his mother?”
– Donald E. Westlake


Happy Mother’s Day 2020 the remix
by Kendall F. Person

Happy Mother’s Day to the Young Mothers

I have no memory of before three years old, however…

I have memories since the day I was born. I can remember being 6 and hearing my mother talk to my grandmother in everyday conversation. It seemed, that their dialogue was always about us, her six babies, as she would refer to her brood of growing, needy kids. I cannot recall a day in my life, that my mother was not doing something for us or seeding the future to help us or working two jobs to take care of us and preaching to us to stay in school, because she wanted us to have everything, that she never would. From the day we were born, we became her life and to this day, I do not see how she did it. But like so many other mothers, somehow she did. But it seems so unfair – her daily aches and pains – such a high price – we thought – she had paid, but the bounty overtakes us all. 


Much Love to….the Mothers of the Still Missing Immigrant Children

When she was just 9 months old, she was a very sick little girl. I was living in Seattle then and one day my phone did ring, with my mother on the other end. “We need you to come get your Niece.” With no questions asked, I jumped into the car and drove the 11 hours to Sacramento and the next day, my brother’s daughter and I were on our way to the Emerald City, where I would be fortunate enough to raise her for the next 3 years.

I am so proud and happy for her, and the life she is building, but every now and then, I wish she were 9 months old again.

And while the emotion does not compare, yet somehow, I understand, the pain they must feel – the mothers of the still missing immigrant children – who wish they could turn back time too.


Rest in Peace, to All the Mothers that Have Passed On
like Minnie Morris of Sacramento

It is a topic, that most try to avoid. Immediately, we shun the thought when it enters our mind or heaven forbid, our own mothers bring it up. But we learn – one way or another – that our mothers are not immortal and that death is inevitable for even them. So when our mothers’ take that final journey, all we can hope is that they do so in peace and comfort, and that we had time to let them know, just how much we love and cherish them so.

…and much love to The Morris Clan 


Happy Mother’s Day to the Mother’s, that have no Memory of Motherhood at All

I would visit often, some family friends, whose patriarch (a great grandmother at the time of her death) was stricken with dementia, and whose mind was gone long before death knocked on her door. Each time I walked into her home, I would greet her with hello and bend down to give her a hug, but there would never be a response.

But one day, about six of us sat in the den talking and laughing and enjoying one another’s company, Ms. Lady (not her real name, but one of affection) jumped into the conversation and the room was rendered silent. After less than 20 seconds, she retreated back inside herself. But in that tiny fraction of time, it gave her family peace to know, that she was okay and had been with them, all along.

My Mother was diagnosed a year ago, almost to the day. Early dementia is what they called it, but more or less it seemed to stay away. But over the past few days, it has become apparent, that the piper is always paid, and only the self righteous would have the nerve to say aloud, “Why us?”

My Mother may have no memory one day, but the love she gave, along with mistakes made, assure we will always remember such a beautiful life.

Happy Cherish Our Mothers Day
The Neighborhood 2020 


With Love


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  1. What takes our minds, we may never know, but on this day to mothers and grandmothers who filled those shoes – what a beautiful span of memories and dreams.

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