The 2015 Season-ending Show

The 2015 Season-ending Show

Welcome to A Really Big Show. – Ed Sullivan

from Philadelphia, Ms. IvySoul Robinson
Welcomes You to The Neighborhood


The Last Dance by Robert M. Goldstein

September 13, 2015
There was something about Jack & Belinda. Both were striking in their appearance, and humble in demeanor. Both had dreams and ambitions and both Jack and Belinda, had talent of genius. He was a writer, she an artist, and the worlds they created, were magnificent from the start. But the people around them, family and close friends, while not unsupportive, did not truly believe, that dreams ever came true.

Jack & Belinda the conclusion
A Star is Born the story within the story
written & edited by Kendall F. Person, thepublicblogger

December 29, 2015

Small Town,  Georgia

This time, she was ready. When Belinda’s father walked through the door, all liquored and ready to take from his wife what was hers,  Belinda’s mother had decided, that after the way he had treated their daughter, running her down and shouting obscenities in front of the entire town, that he was not the man she thought she married, and no longer gave a damn. It may have taken 35 years to understand, but she swore after she watched Belinda running for her life, and as she collected herself from the pavement, directly in front of the church, after he struck with vengeance, not reserved for a man’s wife, that if he ever touched her again, that would be the day, she would stand her ground.

Hollywood, California

Belinda sat motionless, she could not breathe so how could she move. Jack stared back at her,  and they were not more than 20 feet away. But the distance may as well have been a thousand miles, for as the final two of A Star is Born, they were ordered to have no contact. Both surrounded by a team of fast-talking handlers. Advising them of which agents they should get and what movies they should make, because one of them was about to become a star. But Jack & Belinda, who still had not exchanged a single word with one another, did not hear anything, but the rhythmic beat of a breaking heart.

2015 Song of the Year
From Dublin Ireland
2015 Song of the Year Nominee
J.P. Kallio with Losing Faith

#astarisborn finale


heshere click image to enlarge


2015 The Neighborhood Wall of Fame
Induction Ceremony
Kendall F. Person, Creator of The Neighborhood & A Star is Born

Because of the inspiration you give us all,  and because The Neighborhood stands taller with you beside us and because of the brilliance of your art and because you teach us just by being here,  it is an honor to add the name Gabor Dvornik, Photographer  Budapest Hungary to The Neighborhood’s Wall of Fame

2015 The Neighborhood Wall of Fame

The Last Dance by Robert M. Goldstein
Jack & Belinda Ascension
Video Performance by Robert M. Goldstein, San Francisco
& Renan Javier, Vancouver British Columbia


December 30, 2015
Small Town Georgia & Hollywood
3:40 AM CST
When Belinda’s father lunged for his wife,  with no more fear in her heart, she would grabbed a hold of their Louisville Slugger, grasped with both hands. She looked him directly in the eyes and said “Don’t come near me, I have 30 years of pent up frustration. Her husband of 35 years, her abuser for 20 of those years, did not take another step forward, because he did not recognize the look in her eyes, but knew it was no longer fear. So he turned and walked out the door. On the flight to California, to see his little girl.

7:30 PM PST

Jack & Belinda were as physically close to one another, as they have ever been. On the same stage at the same time, staring out into a packed house. Word spread like wild fire, of the talented two finalists,  and everyone wanted in, to see who would win.  Their performances were simply breathtaking. She was magnificent – a 5 minute standing ovation. When Jack took the stage it would be described as spectacular. As the best performance anyone had ever seen. But neither one would be happy, because the winner would be swept away. And they knew they had to choose, between chasing their dreams and the love of their life. – to be concluded

2015 Song of the Year

from Sacramento California 2015 Song of the Year Nominee
Hustle Rhythm Soul feat. H-Y Loco with Cant git  out


#astarisborn finale
2015 Best Performance of the Year &


#astarisborn finale
Oscar Plascencia Wins A Star is Born
FEB 26, 2016: BREAKING NEWS Adds twist to how it ended
the Story within the Story: A Star is Born ed.

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      • I missed the last 3 but did catch up the day or so after. Sorry about that Oscar. Just happy how well you and Kelly did. There was no doubt about it, you are both amazing and beautiful.
        Cheers my friend.

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    • I love you, Bruce Goodman! The website’s fine, it’s just that you’re Down Under and everything looks upside down. This show was just the finale announcing the winners! Yes, I have won the title of Best Performance of the Year! 😁 thank you for your friendship, love and support!πŸ’—β€οΈπŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œ

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      • Well done Oscar – great news – although from the scrambled eggs website – upside down or not – I don’t have a clue what the hell you’ve won. I hope you can get back to writing new stuff – and good stuff… !


  3. Congratulations to the Producer, cast, and backstage crews for pulling off one terrific show after another!

    Woot-woot congrats to you Oscar for winning the performance of the year award….I predicted this outcome all along. πŸ˜ƒ

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