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Remix & Republishing of Naked
From 2013 – 2015, The Neighborhood hosted a popular monthly segment subtitled: An Artists Collaboration. At times eclectic, with moments of artistic brilliance. But its underlying beauty, was how seamlessly it brought recording artists, writers and visual artists from all around the world to create something… together.

Lawyer, activist and artist Charitha Kulatunge of Colombo Sri Lanka made a contribution to the concept, by sharing his rich and colorful artwork in Naked. A government shutdown of social media – following the bombings and roundup of terrorists – has choked off international communication, meaning he has been unable (we hope) to check in as ‘Ok’ (Sri Lanka Attack Death Toll Rises to 290, CNN)

Only when the tide goes out, do you discover
whose been swimming naked. – Warren Buffet

NAKED – An Artists Collaboration

from 2014… Swift Sway
w/ Naked

Visual Artist
Charitha Kulatunge,
Columbo, Sri Lanka
naked art show
Artist Charitha Kulatunge, Columbo, Sri Lanka

Naked (in a Precious Circle)
by Kendall F. Person
She awoke one morning, and somehow felt different.
The sickness overwhelmed her, yet she had no fever.
She wanted to walk, but her feet hurt her.
The sunshine was mild, still it did heat her.

naked art show

It did not go away, so she saw her doctor.
When the news was delivered, it unnerved her.
She was carrying a child, and it so moved her.
When she finally told him, it was a time of beauty.

naked art show

It grew inside, and it changed her.
He smiled each time, it moved inside her.
Their love had changed, it became deeper.
A family being made, both were  now richer.

Her water broke, he was so nervous.
The time had come, it was predestined.
She pushed so hard, it was exhausting.
By her side, he stood unbending.


She could not describe, how her heart was beating,
when her son arrived, it was the greatest feeling.
His father only once cried, when she could see him,
but he could not control the tide, when his legacy did greet him.

They took him home, their minds completely naked.

this is… The Neighborhood


  1. ‘Their minds were naked’…..that says a lot. Really, your depth in writing is incredible. That piece literally describes the kind of life I want to have with a good person some day…#hope

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    • It took me a long time to respect and comprehend, but no complaints about the years I did not appreciate or practice or share my craft of writing, and perhaps it comes with wisdom, that it is my contribution, and beautiful words like yours inspire me to do more. To try harder in delivering prose that means something and can be enjoyed; The way I enjoy the contributions of others. So glad you are in The Neighborhood.

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