Heart Rate 190

“Together we can face any challenges
as deep as the ocean and as high as the sky.”
– Sonia Gandhi

Some are thrill seekers, travelling far and wide, for the ultimate high; Mountain Climbers say it makes them feel alive. I tip my hat, but not necessarily in admiration, but in the ‘do your thang, cause it’s yo thang’ kind of way. I tend to believe, that taking on an unnecessary challenge – with no way out, and zero room for error – is akin to declaring war on death. Yet there are people, who work in the sky out of a necessity to provide for family. I imagine at some point, they either feel immortal or slowly lose their minds. But their nerves of steel are amazing.

“OMG! This is the scariest thing I’ve ever seen.”  – Piroska Merk

Video Review by Kendall F. Person

YouTube Video Channel: THE TOP 10
Video: The Most Dangerous Road Trip on the Most Dangerous Mountain Roads

The Top 10 Dangerous Road Trip on the Most Dangerous Mountain Roads in the World is distributed via The Top 10 Youtube Channel, but no information on video’s editor – has created a mountainous distraction. Every tensed filled scene hold its own, but once spun together –  then drenched in a sweeping film score, 10 Roads take nondescript video editing, to a very different level. But what gives this random, non-fiction, unsuspecting thriller an edge – for best video editing 2018 – is in its diabolical refusal to release its viewers, allowing a heart rate of 190 to calm down. Instead the tension rises, till the climatic end.

“Could hardly breathe.” – Boss Monet

What bothers me about this instant classic; perfecton was in reach, but it held back on information, and they heard about it in the comment section. It appears, that there may be far fewer locations than the usual expected 10. But whoever made the regretful decision, played their viewers in the shallows. To further describe in this review, what 10 Roads lacks, would not only call for a SPOILER ALERT WARNING, but may add a deficit, that does not exist or matter for some.

10 Roads, however is so intense, so insanely captured and so wondering (I wonder how it was built? I wonder what they were thinking? And I wonder how many fell.) its flaw is far from fatal.

“My skin actually left me and crawled out the room.” – Helen Sandwick

Best Video Editing

The Top 10 Dangerous Road Trip on the
Most Dangerous Mountain Roads in the World



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