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I believe
I believe
I believe
– Dorothy, The Wizard of Oz



from Season II in 2014

Stand Inside Belief
by Kendall F. Person

When Dorothy was swept into the land of Oz, she became a folk hero, by defeating the wicked witch of the west, saving all of her new friends from certain death in the process. While Oz was in celebration, Dorothy was blue. She had no desire to be the kingdom’s new ruler, all she wanted, all she ever wanted was to go home. As it turned out, after all that she had been through, Dorothy held the power to go home all along. All she had to do was believe.

There exists a reality that we cannot control. In the game of life, chance plays a spoiler role. But living our lives under the constraints of a possibility, no matter how remote, that something will happen, that will change our lives for the better or worse, is unproductive at best. We believe our prayers will find answers, but do not trust the answer when it appears.  We believe if we say it often enough, but never take steps to do it, our talk of turning pro will be true, Afraid to look inside, for the fear of failing outweighs the thrill of trying.  We stand on high ground (still underneath the sky)  believing society has fallen into decay, yet refusing to include ourselves as a part of the process, in the downfall or solution.

I believe, however, those are the exceptions, and this is the rule; most  believe that anything is possible: decreasing violent crime, eliminating famine, establishing peaceful relations among enemies, finding a cure for cancer or h.i.v., but have not stood inside ourselves long enough, to comprehend, that one person, can make a difference.

Norma Raie

write it down by Shavawn

In 1973, a working mother named Crystal Lee Sutton, immortalized  as ‘Norma Rae’ by Academy Award winning actress Sally Field, would be fired by her giant textile mill employer. Crystal Lee had sought to organize the 3000 southern textile workers into a union, to combat low wages, discuss the poor working conditions, and to address the needs of women, who were now entering the workforce in large numbers, of which many were mothers.  But her powerful and well-connected employer, was entrenched socially and politically, and would play a ruthless game, to protect the profits of its elite and board members. So they decided to make a spectacle of the firing, to humiliate her was not enough. They needed to crush the hopes of the masses and put  an end to all that union talk. But Crystal Lee believed in what she stood for, taking a moment to look inside herself. Then she stared down the police officers  summoned to oust her, and fought back using the tools at her disposal. In one of  Labor Movements defining moments, Crystal Lee Sutton wrote UNION on a piece of cardboard, jumped atop a table, holding the sign high enough for all to see.  Her belief spilled outward, as moments later, the workers would shut down all the machines, forcing her employer, to take a seat at the bargaining table.


She was born the daughter of a storekeeper, and an accomplished violinist. She grew up in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, and by all accounts she was an average woman, living a normal life. In 1984, following the death of her husband Ray, Joan Kroc, as the sole heir to the McDonald’s empire, would become of the richest women on earth. She, no doubt, lived an extraordinary life, for the magnitude of her wealth, offered comforts that exist, on a plain very few will ever know or understand. But Joan Kroc also had a strong belief. Not in, if she could make a difference, but in how big of one it could be.

She would devise a plan, as how to best serve the people, and in 1990, her belief in philanthropy, would define her as a human being. She gave $15 million to the Grand Forks region to rebuild after a catastrophic flood. $18.5 million to San Diego Hospice to improve their ability to treat. $87 million to the Salvation Army of San Diego, $225 million to National Public Radio (NPR),  and for an encore (of which, she would never accept, as most donations were made anonymously), she would make the largest single donation ever, granting $1.6 billion to establish Salvation Army Centers across the nation.  But what The Neighborhood holds dear is her belief, that peace is ours for the taking.  The Institute for International Peace Studies at Notre Dame, was established and endowed by Joan Kroc, herself.



Dorothy’s Ruby Sippers by Steve Fernie

Stand inside belief and see how it makes you feel. It is empowering, allowing us to reach for the stars, and win or lose, we have touched the sky in our trials. Stand inside a little longer, and feel the solace of self-belief. There is a comfort that exists only there, since it is the one place, that we are always okay. Belief leads to stronger communication, for we are better able to support our opinions and ideals, and comfortable in listening too. If we believe it, we can attempt to achieve it, by simply following Dorothy’s lead. Clicking our heels together may not make dreams come true, but knowing that a light exist inside of us, and has been there all along, means that fairytales can come true.

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  3. A thought is often left in a mini-van with its’ windows rolled up.


  4. An excellent post; thank you for sharing. It is so true that how we view ourselves and the world can offer extraordinary transformative powers.


  5. A common theme of Shakespeare (Midsummer Night’s Dream and The Tempest come to mind): Imagination really does transform reality.


  6. Inspiring blog, especially with the examples that back it up. Even if people have not heard of Norma Rae, whom I’ve always admired, there are few, if any, who haven’t heard of McDonald’s. Well done. I had to share this one.


    • Thank you for adding your voice and it is so good to know you enjoyed the show. And you are appreciated so much for sharing Stand Inside Belief within your community. Welcome to The Neighborhood.


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  8. Hmm. This sentence: “We believe our prayers will find answers, but do not trust the answer when it appears.” That is so common of mankind to do. I recently listened to someone who did just that, did not trust in “the answer” due to fear. Hm-um-um. Thinking about what could have been–all those years . . . life . . . lives . . .

    This is a good reminder for us all too, to not take what we have for granted due to its simplicity. Thank you for writing this. Keep on writing.


  9. I person can make a difference. And if we would all follow that one person,Jesus Christ, all the ills could be righted, and all the wrongs healed. But the world insist on hope without God and it will never do.


  10. I have sometimes set out on a project that looks impossible, but then someone will say something, lend a hand, make a suggestion, and success draws closer–there is magic in the support of others. Other times, I have set out toward a goal, experienced a setback, and discovered something entirely new with a goal more tailored to my skills. The most important thing to do, I’ve found, is just to set out!

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  11. Its what I have taught my children all through their young lives…to believe that they can do, or be anything….never stop believing in yourself…always strive to be the best you can and believe…..its a very powerful thought…..its as powerful as the “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can saying from the little train…..its a montra I use almost daily .good blog…thanks…

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    • Thank you for adding your kind and thoughtful voice to this forum. I often say, that while I may present a topic, it is down here, in the forum, where the real sharing and learning and teaching takes place. Thank you for dropping by The Neighborhood. You are appreciated very much.


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