Dear Evangelicals

 “The hand that rocks the cradle
is the hand that rules the world.”
–  William Ross Wallace


Darkness Approaches
courtesy of Fesliyan Studios


“You break it. You bought it.” – The Pottery Barn Rules


by Kendall F. Person

STOLEN GENERATIONIf not for Cathy Freeman’s extraordinary Gold Medal 400 meter moment; and if not for the fact, that the 2000 Summer Games was on her home turf Down Under; and if not for the reason, this half Aboriginal woman, gave a damn about her lineage, than the world may still not know about the generation of children, that the Australian government stole As many as 30,000, based upon an assessine theory (on par with ‘the Bible made me do it’) that never panned out.

“It took the Senior Welfare Officer a mere 20 minutes to come clean, and tell me everything that my heart had always wanted to know…that I was of “Aboriginal descent”, that I had a Natural mother, father, three brothers and a sister, who were alive…” – nameless Aboriginal Australian


In 2014, a man named Abubakar Shekau, the leader of Boko Haram orchestrated the abduction of 276 young girls from a Nigerian Secondary School in a rural part of the country. Under the spell of arithmetic and writing, they had no idea that nearly 3 years of their lives was about to be stripped away by a hostile force. When the cowards arrived beating their chest, it was not a mock bravado of superior race, but his time evil summoned the name of God “There is a market for selling humans. Allah commands me to sell.”NIGERIAN GIRLS

In both countries, there were survivors. Many pondered if those years away from their families and their childhoods, would make them very different people than they would have been if they had simply been left alone? Of course it did. The possibility does not exist – individually or en masse – to steal a life, and when the thieves grow tired or the natives get restless, or the spotlight comes down and the world says Oh My God! for the victims to not be different. But they survived.


In 1972, a 7 year old boy named Steven Stayner was stolen by a child molester, named Kenneth Parnell, who fled with a child that did not belong to him. For 7 long years the abuse went on, and Parnell did not even have the decency to treat him like a son. In 1980 Steven Stayner was united with his family and they did all they could to make life normal, but how could it, because the hand that rocked the cradle for those 7 empty years, destroyed the entire family, not just Steven.STEVEN STAYNER

Steven died young, a car crash took him from his wife and big brother (again). And perhaps, the final tragedy, was simply too much, as Cary Stayner would be exposed as a serial killer and sentenced to death row for the violent murder of 4 women, including the mother and daughter: Carole and Juli Sund.

There is a line of decency, that once crossed, no good can possibility come from that point forward. And when the sky starts falling, what will the culpable do then? Or like those who followed the Pharaoh, are the culpable convinced that they own the winning ticket and a nation of immigrants truly belongs to them?

It is not just what our nation has so callously done (difficult to believe, just over a year ago, we were untouchable and proud) – but it is the words being used: ‘intruders, infest Not our children – it boggles the mind, that these are Americans talking about children. It sounds more like Rwanda 1994, when cockroaches became real and a million human beings were cut down in one month. 

But a reminder to the evangelicals, specifically directed at my friends and neighbors, who see things quite differently, and truly believe, that that one man alone can fix it, (after he broke it, well maybe): that the Latin American kids – until they are reunited with family –  are the  responsibility of us. And according to the Bible, that the US Attorney General spoke under, then the gambit of the firstborn is our wager.  firstborn




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