Lap 27 Canada Grand )Prix

“He in his madness prays for storms, and
dreams that storms will bring him peace”
– Mikhail Lermontov


2007 Canada Grand Prix
Lap 27


On June 10, 2007 at The Circuit Gilles Villeneuve on lap 27 of the Canadian Grand Prix, a winless driver by the name of Robert Kubica – on a speedy approach to a hairpin turn -his car appeared to push wide, running atop the grass. The maneuver or accident lifted the car’s nose into the air and left him unable to brake or steer. The car then hit the concrete retaining wall at 186 mph and rolled as it came back across the track, and all but disintegrated around him, after striking the opposite wall on the outside of the same turn.

It was no doubt a very bad turn, but Kubica was in the game for the long run. And after walking away with minor injuries, he jumped right back in. But in those seconds when his life seemed to hang in the balance, I wonder what was he thinking and whose advice rang in his ears?

“He never complained. Never stressed. Never cried. Never said “I am unlucky.” He was just working. Working hard.” – Dr. Riccardo Ceccarelli, after treating Kubica for an earlier crash.


One Year Later


2008 Canada Grand Prix


On June 8, 2008, the very next year in fact, on the same track, in the race of the same name and facing the same perilous Virage du Casino hairpin turn, Robert Kubica would snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, winning the Canada Grand Prix and claiming his first win in the Formula One series.



Top 5 Best Ever Advice
For The Long Game On A Bad Turn
by Kendall F. Person


5. It’s Not All About You

Yes, we are the center of our own universe. And yes, the decisions we make should be the best for the direction we are taking in health, career and family, but even as an individual, there are people who depend on us for their livelihood or love. Yes, we can throw caution to the win or we can give up before our time, but if we do not take into consideration the people that brought us to the moment, then the victory will be hollow and our defeat will be a lonely world.


4. “Never be afraid to take a moment to think.”

They exist, but few and far between: when a decision – no matter how small or encompassing the effect on a person’s life – that requires an on the spot, caution-to-the-wind response. We sometimes, believe that we have to know the answers, to questions that we have never been asked, and shooting an ill advised answer, to someone who plans to heed that advice, may deliver the opposite effect of what just a moment of thought would have accomplished.


3. “Try something different or try and try again.”

 “I Love Lucy remains a giant in the television arts & sciences. Included in Time Magazine‘s All-Time Best 100 TV Shows, winner of 5 Emmy Awards, including The Peabody for “distinguished achievement”, and 63 years after its debut, I Love Lucy still commands a whopping 40 million viewers a year in the American television market alone. But trying something different or trying the same thing where you just survived a crash, requires a preliminary acceptance of falling, without knowing if you will ever get back up.
– from Try


2. “Go back to your center.”

from Crystal Fairrington

“But I have some advice for the novices
like me, that are starting to feel the same.
Like there’s an emptiness in your existence,
and a bountiful source of sadness.
You want to fight these emotions through resistance,
but powerlessness and consciousness drive you to madness.
Like breathing seems just a little more futile,
as if pieces of you break off with each exhale.
In your despair you find little worthwhile,
afraid to move, feeling that to move is to fail.
In each of these moments I go back to my center,
that place that enables me to shamelessly feel.
-from The Plight of the Powerless Consciousness 


The meaning of life is an accumulative endeavor, where each piece builds, supports and enriches the earth. But with equal force, the missing threads – the contributions we hold back – are what tear humankind apart. – The Meaning of Life, thepublicblogger

1. “Everyone has a contribution to make.”

Many of us will make big contributions. We will invent or be the first or break records or do what no man or woman has ever done before. A few will make history in the evils that men do, and historians will give them all their proper cred. But every one of us has something to contribute. On a bad turn, we may never be acknowledged for the deed we have done, and so we throw it away. But in the long game, the size of the contribution is irrelevant, because they are on center stage.  But to not make your contribution – is a mistake. (go back to 5)

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