the media monsters

“USA Today has come out with a new survey
– apparently, three out of every four people
make up 75% of the population.” – David Letterman


Can’t git out
by H-Y Loco


Commandeer Both Time & Words
by Kendall F. Person

Every so often, a larger than life persona or event captures the spotlight and then hijacks whatever else it needs to thrive. Mostly, it is our attention they seek or through happenstance, become the center of everyone else’s universe. Donald Trump may be the most bombastic, but not the first to receive nearly all day and all night news coverage (Yes, I too am guilty as charged). Orenthal James Simpson, Michael Joseph Jackson and William Jefferson Clinton, if there was a box office race for attention seeking media monsters, Donald John Trump – while in hot pursuit – remains in 3rd place. In fact, Trump owes his relationship with Fox News, pretty much to OJ Simpson, since ‘The Trial of the Century’ is what led to the boom in the cable news industry, in the first place.

But underneath the big things, like the sky is always falling someone else’s voice, photo and name, are the small things, that sometimes feel stolen. Like the inability to escape a bombardament, especially if the media monster is not a lovable person. Big fan of the media and the rights of a free press, but their continual need to feed the beast, commadeers useful words: like polls & surveys. Continually, measuring the pulse of an electorate, everytime the wind changes direction. So most of the time, when we are asked questions, no matter how simple or few or even when anonymous, we run the other way – and I do not blame you. But please stay.

Completed polls & surveys from a measurable audience are worth their weight in gold, especially to small mediums in uber competitive markets. It is akin, to turning the boardroom over to the people you most want to impress, then turning off your own mic to just listen.

So yes, this was a trap, I do apologize. But a futile option, to lure you away from media monsters, by broadcasting SURVEY in the headlines. Time is such a precious commodity, but completing the 2 minute survey below, will assure that Season VI is time well spent here.  And please forgive me (big smile).

The Survey has been completed and is now closed. Thank you participation.

Your Voice Loud & Clear: The Neighborhood Once Year Survey



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