Intent versus Impact

The Strawman and The Crow: Prologue
The Strawman and The Crow, Act One: The Infiltration

 “Intention is not good enough;
we need to look at our impact.”
The Principles of Change


How it happened.


by Kendall F. Person

For years, Quadhi & Lahti lived in absolute peace, embraced in an unconditional type of love. Although they knew that one day, 2020 would be discovered, they still felt an enormous loss, like the new world had already been destroyed. But they did not cry for each other, but instead they wept for their young, who would be introduced to conflict, for the very first time. A long period of grief was not an option, they had to devise a plan. So Quadhi and Lahti gathered their young family and told them everything.

“What do we do now?” asked Lahti.
“What do you mean?” replied Quadhi.
“Well, you’ve always told the kids, we’re settlers, so do we prepare for new pioneers, or are we now survivalists?

Quadhi thought long and hard, even quietly saying a prayer, although he was unsure to whom. He believed when the trained pulled away, that God had forsaken him too. So he diverted away from the heavens, and instead went deeper inside his mind.

“2020 is our home, but it does not belong to us. When others arrive, we welcome them into the fold. But we will also let it be known, that only goodwill is welcomed here.”
“Do you think that will be enough?” questioned his oldest son.
“It’s our intent to maintain peace, while building a society. But if the new arrivals’ perceptions are at odds with the mission of 2020, and the impact of their actions threatens the future you, my son, then it’s they that may not survive.”
“What about the Strawman and the Crow? Even them?” asked Lahti
“Especially them.” he replied, as he looked into the sky in time to see the arrival.
Intent versus Impact


Erica Campbell
with A Little More Jesus 


Act 2: Intent vs. Impact

The People's TempleThe People
On November 18, 1978, the United States would suffer its single greatest loss of life not attributed to war or natural disaster. Years earlier, a charismatic young preacher would begin attracting his own flock. The Reverend Jim Jones created The Peoples Temple and on the Sunday morning circuit, he would quickly become rising star. And while no one alive can ever be certain why, through the years as he became more recognized, something about him changed. The more he rose in stature, the more demanding he became.

One day he would prophesize, and his flock would not just listen, but place all their trust in him.  “Jonestown” is what he called it, and the mission sent directed by God. If only The People had taken a moment to think for themselves, they may have questioned why the town of salvation was named Jones. But their minds had long since been absorbed, consumed by a false prophet.

So The People sold all their belongings, abandoned the families that loved them; then executed the unthinkable, and turned their backs on their God. Departing the city of San Francisco, landing in the beauty of Guyana, he led his followers deep into the jungles, and the lemmings willingly obeyed. It was difficult for non-believers, the majority not caught in his spell, to understand or comprehend, that the congregation of The Peoples Temple, believed they were on the path of righteousness, and no matter the atrocities they were about to endure, they had placed their unquestionable faith in Jones.

Jim JonesA charismatic preacher he once was, but a declining mental state, an obsession with power, and a soul-sapping sense of being the idol of worship, transformed him into a monster and religion into a cult.

On November 8, the rescue contingency that arrived from America a few days before, were gunned down as they were trying to leave. Less than an hour passed, before the prophecy was revealed at last. A revolutionary suicide was how they framed it, but when 900 Americans simultaneously perished, after drinking poisoned kool-aid, the impact felt more like mass-murder.


the provisions

Survivalists or pioneers? A search for peace or a continuation of war? Before a flag is chosen, based solely on our perception of the intent of the Strawman or the Crow, take an extra moment to imagine the impact of our actions, for impact is all that matters.

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  5. Great story and very interesting thing about Jonestown. Last night, I went to an album launch party by a heavy metal band called Black Emerald and they had a song about that called, “Jonestown.” If it’s on line, I’ll let you know.

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