(start her: Prologue)

The infiltrator


“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking
new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” – Marcel Proust


Assignment 1
by composer Drake Stafford


by Kendall F. Person

(start her: Prologue)

QuadhiThey are connected to the new world, for no other reason, but for it happened. They remain a part of the old world, because it is in their soul. They are connected to their species – not by thought or emotion – but by the new lineage, since no one knows what happened to the old. And they were connected to their flags, until the erection of their own. But the connection they have found with one another is to be protected at all cost, not just because it was untainted and pure, but since everyone assumed, that love had been lost for good.

His name is Quadhi and hers is Lahti. Both were sent separately by their tribes, all alone on missions that were different but had the same goal. Quadhi followed the Strawman, and was of the best and brightest among those who remained. He was selected for many reasons, but the only one that mattered, was that his loyalty was assured. Not to the Strawman and nor to the flag, but to the discovery of a new peace filled world, where hate could be blocked at the gate. But there remained an unsolved mystery, one question yet to be answered about Quadhi: Why did he jumped off the train, just as it pulled away and right before it vanished without a trace?

Lahti was just as loyal to the Crow, but she too held a secret. While Quadhi was sent on a mission to find a liveable place to start civilization anew, Lahti was sent by the Crow to mimic his every move. And once the new world was discovered, she was to plant her tribe’s flag first, then to immediately silence Quadhi, and claim it all for her tribe and the Crow. But time had passed since they departed, and both were assumed to have perished, as whatever it was that changed the land, was still an unknown. But while Quadhi and Lahti were loyal to their leaders, and held no initial intent to turn their back on their tribes – leaving them abandoned for the second time – but once they met each other, they learned all could partake, because there was no reason to transport hate. Than love overpowered their senses and before they knew what hit them, they had constructed their own flag, thereby declaring 2020 as their new homeland.Lahti

But in the distance they saw the first ship and new that if they were spotted, word would be transmitted directly to the Strawman, and intercepted by the Crow.

They stood frozen in the tundra, trying their best to imagine a solution. It had initially crossed both their minds, that it was time for them to run. But one look down upon their children, reality exploded front and center. 2020 was cold and desolate, but it was also the birthplace of their offspring and thus it belonged to them.

And so, the game begins with the infiltration of the mind with us versus them. But can the Strawman change its course or will the new world be defeated by the old world thinking of the Crow.

Scene One: The Infiltration 

The Infiltrator

On April 1, there is no April fools.


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