Calling Sean Hannity
image by skeeze

Satire is fascinating stuff. It’s deadly serious,
and when politics begin to break down,
there is a drift towards satire, because
it’s the only thing that makes any sense.
– Ben Nicholson


It was a long time ago, at least in my mind, so I do not remember every detail, but I remember enough. The summer’s burning rays had started to subside and a chill would overtake the night. My mother sent me upstairs, into the attic, on a mission to retrieve our winter stuff. I did not wish to walk away, but my mother must have thought I had heard enough. My father was mesmerized by the ongoing chaos, and no longer pictured me as his son, but as either a comrade or a enemy, he was unsure since I remained undecided, not wanting to isolate either of them. I was – we all were – transfixed to the radio, since my father had thrown out the television, and the internet did not yet exist. I was home schooled, which made the sociologist later wonder, how in the world I kept my wits about me, at such a young, impressionable age. My mother was always praying for a miracle, wishing it would all just stop. But community after community had drawn lines in the sand, and according to the radio voice, the streets had become war zones, no longer safe to stroll about. I would listen to the rhetoric, then look toward my father and long for the man of reason he had once been. But his vacant eyes told the story: he was blinded by a riddler, bamboozled by a man who had only himself in mind.

The Twilight Zone Theme


written & edited by Kendall F. Person

originally published October 2, 2016
red phoneThe President was much loved, a strong yet compassionate man. But his views, we were told, on church and state had become a part of the government, that were pushing down into our private lives. For better or for worse, no one really knew, mainly because it was untrue and in actuality, nothing in our lives had changed. But once the theories were invented and interjected into the conversation as rumors, they would soon be confirmed as fact, by people we had never heard of. Few would stop to ponder, they just shouted at one another, unintentionally, walking inline of a plan conceived by the opposition’s charismatic leader, who to my mother, sounded more like a nut. He carefully weaved an outrageous tale of deceit, about the President, a good man. As his story picked up steam, he became more confident and empowered, as he would no longer deliver his message, but shove it down our throats, turning fans into fanatics. Something about the President’s religion, being born of science fiction, is all I can remember. But whatever it was, it was enough to convince my father.

When I reached the top of the stairs, I could hear my mother scream, followed by a rebel yell  of a man who was once my father. “Did you hear him! Grab the gun! It’s time to fight for our neighborhood!” And just like that, our once prosperous God-fearing and peaceful home, had plunged into a civil war.  Call Sean Hannity

When the leader of the opposition, gained control of a fringe radio station, the listening audience would skyrocket and all day long, until my father left, doom and gloom about the safety of our neighborhoods and that he was the only one that could save us, was all we heard. Until the radio voice fell silent, I could hear his destructive message clearly. “It’s time for us to  seize the moment, and take back what is ours. And anyone who disagrees, do not hesitate to invoke the Second Amendment, for it is the only way to save their soul.”

My mother backed the President, but the constant onslaught  of bizarre stories about him, left her trusting no one. But she had to believe in something, and while the opposition spoke of a return to glory, she was terrified at what a return to glory would mean for us. My father would leave the home, each and every  night.The disagreements – like clockwork – arrived over dinner, where both would lose their temper, allowing volcanoes to erupt. Married for over twenty-years, sweethearts since high school, but even now, I cannot comprehend how our house of love, became so divided.

red phoneI had not yet turned on the attic light and had no intention to do so. The shouting between my parents, I was use to, but the intensity was more raw and so violent in nature, that I did not notice, the radio voice had disappeared, vanished from the airwaves. I sat down on the floor, in the cold pitch black room. My mind went numb, all emotions abandoned. And still none would come, even when I heard my mother yell, “What are you doing?!” or my father return “Saving your soul!”

Seven shots were fired, although  the thud of my mother’s lifeless body hitting the ground, I heard after the third round. Seething with rage, he had emptied the chamber, then opened the door and shouted for our neighbor, who he thought would be on his side.

The neighbor was already en route, as the sounds of gunfire appeared to come from somewhere near our house. When he arrived, the murderer proudly brandished his gun, pointed toward his wife and said, “I got one.”  I was not in the room when it all took place, but I can image the look of confused terror upon my father’s face, when  our neighbor announced “Oh my God! What have you done? Don’t you understand? His station has been shut down. His inner circle has confessed. It was all a figment of his mind”.

red phoneMy father stumbled backwards and a dense fog would fill his head. More neighbors arrived on the doorstep and gawked as they looked inside. A full minute would pass before he spoke, but that minute would equate to a lifetime, for during that brief moment of silence, sanity would at last take flight.  “No it’s not a lie. The President has you all fooled. Just call Sean Hannity and he’ll  tell you too.”

When no one backed him up or made a move toward the phone, my father, exasperated but full of resolve, would drop his gun, pick up the telephone – after stepping over my mom – and stated with self-righteous indignation, “For the love of God, I’m calling Sean Hannity right now.”


Happy Memorial Day Weekend.




  1. Hannity and others are despicable – they have knowingly, willingly lied to their viewers and listeners for 20 years. They are the main reason we are where we are as a nation – filled with hatred, filled with racism, filled with fear of the future or of anyone different. But now it is not just the alt-right, but it is liberals, alas like me, who are also filled with hatred. I will keep trying not to hate, but it is hard. It is hysterical to hear the right wing complain about how Trump is treated after hearing the lies and hatred aimed at the Obama’s. To all you right wing hate mongers – the birds have come home to roost. Thank you.


    • Spyro – How are you? I can ‘t really tell by your words: did you read CALLING SEAN HANNITY? Its get frustrating, I understand, but The Neighborhood is all inclusive and welcoming to all. But so are your thoughts and opinion. But no hate here. (big smile)


  2. Wow, that is powerful. My sister and I were discussing the elections this morning. We are essentially on the same side. She told me that after the election she is going to unfriend anyone who is voting for the opposition. I’m not going to say who our candidate is, because it is irrelevant based on what I have to say. I told her that most of my friends are and have been on the opposite side of me politically most of my adult life. If I were to take my sister’s approach, I would have little to no friends left. I also told her that I think that in some ways our politicians and the media want us to be divided. It gives them more strength and power. A divided nation is a week nation. We are from the “United” States. We are supposed to be able to speak our mind, disagree and at the end of the day still get along.

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  3. I’m pretty sure after the entire time that I’ve been on WordPress, this is the first post that I’ve actually read. Even though I personally believe that the lines were drawn way before this election, I found it pretty damn good and reading this made me think of that old Twilight Zone episode where the entire town turned on each other for some reason. I’ve been up for 2 days so please forgive me if I’m not exactly making sense or get this next statement ass backwards (trust me I don’t consider myself politically nor socially/culturally retarded). But I’m guessing this was written as if Trump were president. Politically, I don’t necessarily agree with you but I know that I’ve legitimately lost friends because of this election, which I find pretty funny. But yes, good shit, thanks for the good read.

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      • Wow I forgot what I even sent you. Sorry, was on a lot of drugs….still am but my apologies if I completely missed the point of your writing


          • Wow…I just realized that it’s taken you 7 months to finally answer my question… Now I can finally go to sleep without laying awake wondering all night lol. But I re read it and I stand by the twilight zone comparison

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            • Hahahaha…. I deserved that; and I love and am humbled by the Twilight Zone comparison (incorporated it into the republication, which is why I revisited the forum section and noted your unanswered question). You are appreciated (chuckling)

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            • I had planned on writing only one post about the election. The next thing I knew it was a becoming a political neighborhood, which I did not want. But the 2016 elections were too important and all too consuming to simply stop, so imagined different ways (i.e. The Search for COMMON GROUND, Masterpiece Theater, Calling Sean Hannity etc.) to get my thoughts out.

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              • You seem like a very interesting person. My bad if this sounds weird, but I would love to pick at your brain. Most people are boring and have 0 original thought process, which is why a lot of people think that drugs have destroyed my brain or have the attention span of a goldfish. It’s because they bore me and whenever I speak to someone with original thoughts and has gears constantly turning in their head, I like to know what makes them tick.

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