The Peaceful Protesters Anthem

The Neighborhood @ thepublicblogger Proudly Presents…
2016 Official Peace Week Anthem

Peace by Moka Soul

Moka Soul
Song Review. Click image to enlarge


Peace by Moka Soul at CD Baby


When darkness falls, we must shine the light even brighter.

Kendall's Peaceful Protest

Darkness falls and you think you have won.
A young man’s spine is snapped
and a squad car explodes.
Public Servants band together
Looters and thieves
overtake peaceful protesters,
trampling words of truth and wisdom
no time for reason.

Darkness falls when a young man is shot dead.
Memories of a child
overwhelmed by supporters of the gunman.
Talking heads take to the air
no calls for calm,
vicious rhetoric instead.

Darkness falls and search for a young friend,
perhaps buried beneath the rubble
of a tremblor gone mad,
put on hold, remaining in your prayers
as you contemplate, what you believe
is the meaning why you are here.

“One man can’t change the world”
you hear the voices say. 
“You are a writer, whose only gift
is to keep them entertained.”
No answers to our prayers
– we begin to believe –
we clasp our hands together,
and the miracle never do we see.
All the goodness created,
upstaged once again
and right on schedule
the darkness rolls in.

But the windows are open
and the sun pours through
and you pull yourself together
no fanfare needed,
that is not what drives you,
and now you hear the voice,
the one that never abandons you.

“I have given you the gift of words
and I have saved you from yourself
You have asked a thousand times
and I have answered the same way;
it does not matter the size of your contribution
only that it’s made.”

So you stop believing your own headlines,
that are in fact written by you,
and end the pity party, as if you should not struggle too
You take your seat in front of computer
– center stage to you.
No introduction needed,
but imaginary curtains raised,
and you begin the performance
delivered by your words.

I write because its my contribution,
my weapon against self-destruction,
my way to light the world,

We have no control over the mongers
nor can we bring back the wrongful dead.
We cannot change a bomber’s mission
whose eyes and heart
have long been dead.

We cannot halt a crime in progress,
nor stop a public servant
from breaking his public’s back.
We can only watch a mob turned frenzied,
burning down stores of hard working people.
We cannot choose when the lines are drawn
nor order our neighbor to stand on our side.

We will become discouraged
and question our God,
for we are only human
emotional, mortal beings.
And the darkness is a heavy burden
a worthy opponent indeed.

But if we stand together
each shining an individual light
peaceful protest, speeches given,
solutions sought, hate amended
or however our gifts illuminate,
even when we tire or become weary
or the dreaded voices return…

As long as we remember,
no matter how dark it gets
if we continue to contribute
regardless of how meek it appears,
the next time, or the one after that
when the darkness sees it chance,
and starts to fall across the land
the light will be prepared for battle
and finally defeat it.


protesters captured by photographer Michael Fleshaman

Please visit Our Week of Peace Event Page
for more information

Voices of the People


  1. Reblogged this on Recovery Journey of Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon "Gambling Recovery Starts Here." and commented:
    I remember the riots in CA, city of Angels happened in 1992 about Rodney King. . . . . and now in Baltimore. Watching on CNN the destruction of a city that was already hurting in so many ways.
    When will America really start putting race behind us? When will our police departments stop profiling black men? When will our cops stop killing young men for no reason? Is it really the year 2015?
    Or have we went back in time to the riots of Watts in 1965?
    Or back even further?

    When will we, as human beings love each other for what is inside our hearts, instead of the color of our skin?

    “For my Spirit and Heart is Broken, and I’m sad for the communities in Baltimore ~ Prayers” .. .. .. Author, Catherine Lyon


  2. Thank you for this, very well written – this was one time I couldn’t not mention the tragedy in Nepal and the uncaring violence in the US, in my own, blog, which I use mainly to focus on my father’s life as inspiration to others.


  3. Hi Kendall!!

    Thanks for writing poetically your thoughts and ideals. Some of those are mine, too.

    It’s like this if you didn’t do this or others light candles, sing songs, make peace present, then people might not have something to look at and decide where they would like to be.

    A glimmer of hope for those done wrong, uneducated, in poverty, or maybe on the wrong side of the law, might just be an answer to cling onto.

    I would like to get one of those donate buttons for my blog. I’m going to write articles for and I thought if people wanted to use the info for whatever purposes, maybe they could leave a donation. Is that your idea? How or where do you get that?

    Thanks in advance for a reply. 🙂


    • I accept donations for many reasons, including in 2014 when we sponsored two non profits, but how you requests donations is personal to you and your readers. Set up your paypal account and between paypal and wordpress, the help ‘desk’ will guide you through set up. Much success and much love. Thank you for adding your voice.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I cried throughout reading that. Sometimes as writers we feel powerless. Its us, our keyboards and Gd. It hurts so much to see so much pain. You give me hope. Darkness cannot drive out the light. Only light can do that. Please follow me this is AMAZING.
    Lux et Veritas,
    Karmic Death


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