Goodbye My Love

“The sweetest of all sounds is that of the
of the one we love”.– Jean de la Bruyere


Childish Gambino
w/ Terrified


the unbroken story
by Kendall F. Person

goodbye my loveWe hung on as long as we could, but when the horn sounded the 4th time, we knew that we had to say goodbye. We were only 16 when we met, puppy love is what they called it, love is what we felt. We survived our final two years in high school together, albeit there were more than a few close calls. We stayed together through our collegiate years even though we attended schools thousands of miles apart. She said yes, the first time I asked, and we did not wait for a wedding, but eloped on the mountaintop with just us and God. Our first born stayed up all night, screaming, not crying, colic is what he had, stress is what we got, but together, we held on and raised a healthy son.

We both had our careers, she a teacher and I an engineer, but nothing stood in the way of our love or our family and we soon gave birth to a second child, my little girl. The four of us soon became five, and we were a loving family, the apple of our own eyes. For the next 45 years, we would live a fortunate life. Somehow immune to tragedy and the everyday disappointments of life. Some say we were charmed, others say we were blessed, but living with so many good years under our belt, when tragedy hit… we felt cursed.

My wife, the love of my life, was dying, you see and because of her age, the kidney transplant she needed would never take place. Our son had ventured into different parts of the globe, had found a solution, illegal for sure, immoral only God knows, but I would do anything to save her life. So as the horn blew a final time, we release our grasped, since I could not travel with her, my heart would not allow me to fly. So she and my son took off for Singapore, a kidney was awaiting her, how they got it, we do not know and nor would we ask, allowing ignorance to remain bliss. My son pulled her from my arms, tears rolling down both our faces. Neither of us knowing if we would ever see each other again or was this goodbye my love?Goodbye My Love

From the moment we met, our love was bond, and the night we consummated our marriage, only death of one without the other, could steal away our love. I walked behind them, my son and his mother, as they walked toward the door. I followed in line as he helped her in the car. I stood in the freezing cold, mind unaware, but not the aches in my bones. When he pulled out the driveway and headed down the street, my wife,  my love, my everything – never looked back, and it broke my heart in half.

When the screaming pain from the arctic rain forced me to move and go back inside our home, all I could think, is what if something happened. What if the kidney was not a match, or the surgeon was a quack or the plane crashed into the mountaintop. What if I would never say goodbye my love? And with the thought, my heart did stop, and I dropped to my knees, in full submission of my ending, but flashes of her smile when she returned, with a few more years added to her life, it forced me to fight. I began to pound my chest, then screamed, “Not yet!” and reached for the nitroglycerin, then collapsed where I lay and dreamed of her…..the love of my life.


I must have fallen asleep, for darkness covered me and the blood in my veins did chill. But none of that mattered, as I turned over on the floor – why was I not in my bed – and reached out for the only woman who has ever been my lover, and who I would be with for eternity. I could not see,  but I knew something was wrong, because my wife was not within arm’s reach. Memory returning, sleep now draining, and with the force of 10,000 watts of electricity, I returned to the present time and day. 8:15 the clock did read, illuminated by the full moon. 8:55 my wife would take flight, to a land far away, and no matter how hard we ran from the truth, we knew someone died for the kidney we bought, no longer blind, and now I see. We paid a price, a life for a life, even though ours had been full with riches and peace.

An old man, that I was, adrenaline did rush and I leapt from the floor where I lay. After finding the keys, then leaving our home, the clock in the car read 8:25, so I had to drive like the wind. No matter the blessings we do receive, no matter how full our stomachs may be, enough we never see. I raced through the lights, sirens behind, but there would be no stopping, for me and my wife, had a price to pay, either way. I had to stop her from boarding the plane. I had to hold her in my arms, so together we could give thanks for all the years that were blessed, and somehow make amends for the wrong we did, and for the overwhelming sense of greed. And even if her kidney failed tomorrow, and her soul departs her body, and I lived on without her, my life would be complete. But if I did not catch her, how could I breathe. I have to say goodbye my love…..


The airport was in sight, but the sirens had chased me down. The adrenaline that had given me the energy to hold on, was now overwhelming and the frailty of my heart could not stand much more strain. Do I pull over and hope they understand or do I continue on the journey knowing my love was at the end? The decision would be made for me, as the sirens pulled in front, littering the road with a spike strip you see. I tried to avoid it, but my reactions were slowed and I could feel my tires explode and with that I would lose control. I was spinning now, both inside my mind and in real time and when the car finally crashed into another, it would hit with such force, I would become airborne, before crashing down upon the ground.

Inside the airport, my love was now in line, readying to board the jetliner, unaware that the reason for her departure, no longer would matter.

goodbye my loveI could sense something was wrong. I could feel my life was over yet it was not an unhappy song. The panic that had overcome the street in front of the airport’s entrance was all around, but none of the dread would overcome me, for I could feel my wife was with me. I could almost see her, when she stood from the seat on the airplane. I could sense her arguing with the captain, demanding he allow her to depart the plane. I knew my son would feel her too, as he raced back through the concourse in time to greet his mother, and together they raced through.

The bright light was shining, and I begged it to not take me just yet. I knew I had no more goodwill, it was all used up during my lifetime, but I begged nonetheless, Just a few minutes more.

“I’m his wife, let me through!” she screamed, and the crowd departed likes Moses and the Red Sea. When she bent down, with tears strolling down her face, all I said, all I ever wanted to say…. “Goodbye, my love, we’ll meet again”.

the end


We know you are out there..
… and we hope you get to know us.

this is… The Neighborhood 

Did you know…. that everlasting love really does exist?

Everlasting Love


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  2. The beginning says she gave birth to one son, and one daughter, but your wife must give birth to three children to make it five family members, not four. The beginning suggests two children. Did you imply she gave birth to a third child, without being explicit when you stated, “The four of us soon became five..?”


  3. Wow. That was a beautiful story. Choked me up a bit. And something more: I really like the way your words flow. There is music to them: I wanted to read it out loud and found myself whispering the words. Thank you. Very touching.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You must be new here (big smile) i consider writing a performance art. And while it is known as a post, we call it a performance. And it is called a blog, but in The Neighborhood, we call it The Show. Your words made me smile.Welcome to The Neighborhood. So glad you made it.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Fantastic. I like that kind of thinking about writing. Beautiful! I have recently committed to investing more of my time exploring other writers’ work on Word Press and have found myself in some wonderful worlds, yours included. I look forward to diving in deeper and feel a little giddy that my instincts to read your words out loud were actually good ones:)


  4. Very intense! Reminds me of my “unfinished business” with the Squirrel, the GREAT love of my life…he didn´t feel the same though.
    Keep up the good work!


  5. My wife passed away after 37 years of a wonderful marriage, so your story touched me. To answer your question, it doesn’t matter if she got the kidney. You got to say what you needed to say, as did I, so you could part knowing what you both know….you were soulmates…..and it was complete.

    Liked by 2 people

      • I’m thinking that it depends on whether his vision of her leaving the plane before takeoff was imagination or reality. If she really left the plane, then, no; she didn’t get the kidney. Watching her husband die would have taken from her the reason she’d fight to live on. IMHO.


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