Magnificent Discovery: An Artists Collaboration: feat. Interpretive Photo Artist Becca & a Live Performance by J.P. Kallio

Magnificent Discovery: An Artists Collaboration

A collaboration – is when each Artists creates and delivers, something of themselves, perhaps a song or a painting or a poem, then the pieces or works of art, are spun together, and while the work of each artist remains individual, the completed production becomes The Show. – Kendall F. Person


from Dublin Ireland, exclusive & unplugged,  J.P. Kallio, in a raw performance of Losing Faith, The Neighborhood’s 2015 Song of the Year


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Rebecca Lemke, hostOn behalf of The Neighborhood and all its artists, performers & contributors, I would like to welcome everyone to Magnificent Discoveries: An Artists Collaboration. The Neighborhood has always been a place where talented artists could seek a stage to amplify our talents in a very different way from any that we see in mainstream media. Artists Collaborations showcase the best of each artists, while highlighting the community we seek and the family that we find in our fellow contributors while focusing on a magnificent discovery of an online society, that is, The Neighborhood.
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Becca Second Life


The Windmills of Time

The Windmills of Time

Drifting Through Antiquity

Drifting Through Antiquity

Searching the Past

Searching For the Past


The Neighborhood logoI'm Not Ready












Come by the Hills

Come By the Hills

There is Another Sky

There is Another Sky

As Still As Glass
(Magnificent Discovery)

As Still As Glass

Welcome to The Neighborhood

The Neighborhood Creator

21 Comments on “Magnificent Discovery: An Artists Collaboration: feat. Interpretive Photo Artist Becca & a Live Performance by J.P. Kallio


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  3. This has been such a joyful and fantastic experience to be part of The Neighborhood! Thank you to Kendall and to Rob so much for everything! And thank you to all for the wonderful comments!

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