the Evolution of Friendship

Rob and Ruby Cummings

dedicated to all of the friends I’ve met throughout my life
and to Rob and Ruby Cummings  (pictured) for the kindness in words

the Evolution of Friendship
written & edited by Kendall F. Person

Born wide eyed with a screaming cry
emitting from your soul.
Womb’s comfort left behind
a new world
frightening, cold, but alive.
A mother’s touch, calming.
A father’s strength, secure.
Brothers and sisters, friends they are to you.

Years  go by, off to school,
scared at first, a smile reassures,
friends live here too.
They come and go, laugh and cry.
Most we leave behind,
only a few, move and grow with you.
A click, a gang, a backbone, all the same.
Friendships are formed, bonds created,
a necessity to dodge minefield of  teenaged years.

Adulthood, friendships are tested.
Some snap, most break.
Stress, freedom, ability to live life by rules we create.
Best friends forever, go separate ways.

Families of our own.
Dreamer inside, still alive,
but life does not belong to you.
Friendships separate.
Some go away, never to be seen again.
But a few survive, throughout our lives
a love so great, never defined
but existing all the same.

Some are  forever. past to present
Some drop in, just when you need them
and because they need you too.
No one knows, how long a friendship will grow
or when it will disappear.
So we cherish each moment now here.

Middle aged, often alone, pondering the meaning of life.
Time so precious, friendships maintained,
but sincerity becomes valued trait.
Hearts were broken, when friends fell apart
but we learn through wisdom of age,
Neither time nor absence play a role
in the evolution of friends.
Friendship does not fade, just evolves, change,
and continues through  people we meet.


14 Comments on “the Evolution of Friendship

  1. I agree with everything conveyed in this lovely piece of poetry! Thank you for sharing it with me.


  2. Profound lines with words to wake senses drifting beyond one’s reach. Listening to music and lyrics twice over, weeping at the end. Yes, life changing in more ways than I’m able to articulate. “It only takes one to change the world.”


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