the Evolution of Friendship

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A friend is one who knows you and loves you just the same. – Elbert Hubbard


the Evolution of Friendship
written by Kendall F. Person, thepublicblogger

Born wide eyed with a screaming cry
emitting from your soul.
Womb’s comfort left behind
a new world
frightening, cold, but alive.
A mother’s touch, calming.
A father’s strength, secure.
Brothers and sisters, friends they are to you.

Years  go by, off to school,
scared at first, a smile reassures,
friends live here too.
They come and go, laugh and cry.
Most we leave behind,
only a few, move and grow with you.
A click, a gang, a backbone, all the same.
Friendships are formed, bonds created,
a necessity to dodge minefield of  teenaged years.

Adulthood, friendships are tested.
Some snap, most break.
Stress, freedom, ability to live life by rules we create.
Best friends forever, go separate ways.

Families of our own.
Dreamer inside, still alive,
but life does not belong to you.
Friendships separate.
Some go away, never to be seen again.
But a few survive, throughout our lives
a love so great, never defined
but existing all the same.

Some are  forever. past to present
Some drop in, just when you need them
and because they need you too.
No one knows, how long a friendship will grow
or when it will disappear.
So we cherish each moment now here.

Middle aged, often alone, pondering the meaning of life.
Time so precious, friendships maintained,
but sincerity becomes valued trait.
Hearts were broken, when friends fell apart
but we learn through wisdom of age,
Neither time nor absence play a role
in the evolution of friends.
Friendship does not fade, just evolves, change,
and continues through  people we meet.

gay friendships

43 Comments on “the Evolution of Friendship

  1. ”Some are forever. past to present
    Some drop in, just when you need them
    and because they need you too.
    No one knows, how long a friendship will grow
    or when it will disappear.
    So we cherish each moment now here.”

    I loved every single word you wrote here, and I agree with it completely. It’s perfect! This poem is just what I needed to read, thank you:)


  2. A very nice post ! Friendshipis something that cannot be described easily. But you did a marvelous work…Life is a difficult journey and we always need someone to help overcome the obstacles 🙂


  3. mmmmmmmmmmmm… (as in Campbell’s soup) you have produced a delicious soup for the soul. Thank you…… now I am prepared for the day!


  4. You would be correct in that statement Kendall. Any sin is separation from God; and that’s never a good thing.


  5. Beautiful! Oddly, I’m reading this at a time when I am evaluating a lot of relationships around me or should I say they are evaluating me! Here’s hoping that they will “evolve, change,
    and continue through people I meet.” 🙂


    • It is a precarious state when a platonic relationship (or any, for that matter) becomes uneven. One is holding on, the other is letting go. Oh how the circle of life often leaves us dizzy….but not for long. Thank you for adding your voice and welcome to The Neighborhood.


  6. **Stands and applauds**

    Nice show here.

    Thank you for sharing this. You touched a couple of inner nerves with this one.



    • {taking a bow} oh, when the audience’s imagination is bigger than mine, that marks a good day. Thank you namenews for the applause. Thank you for adding your voice. And thank you, not for enjoying the performance, but for acknowledging it. You are appreciated and welcome to The Neighborhood. So glad you are here.


    • Graham – Good to see you. Words like yours from neighbors and readers and visitors too, motivate me to do more. To try harder. So we feed off one another. Thank you for adding your voice. So glad you have found The Neighborhood. You are needed here.


  7. Beautiful reminder that life is truly a journey along which we meet other souls who travel beside us, some for just a short distance, some for the long haul and others join us periodically throughout our walk of life.


  8. Beautifully said! A while ago I came across this quote “A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart, and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.” Thank God for friends!


    • Happens to me all the time. The right words from a friend, stranger or favorite writer arrive when I need them most. So glad my words arrived at the right moment for you. I cannot possibly express how much the meaning behind your words mean. Hope you have a beautiful day, and always good to see you c2tours.


  9. Superbly written. Leaves the reader assessing how their own friendships have evolved and will continue to do so. Love a blog post that engages heart, mind and soul!


    • Kalpesh – Unexpected trips down memory lane can be quite emotional. Hope most of your memories are kind to you. As I was writing the Evolution of Friendship, I was thinking about all of the neighbors who often add their voice in The Neighborhood forums, and how familiar we become with one another through our words, art, gravatars and thought and understood that we have built friendships here too. Always good hearing from you, my friend.. – Kendall


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