Touch the Sky: a collaborative journey of art

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The Neighborhood is an original, all-inclusive art house collaborative, built on a foundation of peace. Each month, a collaboration of various artists from around the globe, whom have never met, but are connected through the beauty in their souls and love in their work. Our creative director {who most of you know – smile} spins the individual crafts,  into a single show – art walk in your home – just for the neighbors, visitors and guests. who have made The Neighborhood feel like home.
– Kendall F. Person, thepublicblogger

Please welcome our guest Artists
Recording – Mickey Roarr
Free Verse Poet – Lucci Yuponce
Visual – JacksonHole97 in Abstracts and Photography (cover)

Touch the Sky: a collaborative journey of art

some of us woke up on the wrong side of the bed..
quote me. “woke up!”
but we’re not dead!!!
some of us complain about money! but on our table…we got bread…
stay hungry and humble thru the struggle…
count ya blessings and lessons! and know god loves you!
he brought us to it…to get thru it!!
have faith like you already knew it….
but stay wise and despise snakes and watch who you coo wit 


Love! positivity!creativity and knowledge!

amongst other things are therapeutic!!!!
i wonder if everyone were to steer away from all negative post and repost..
and share something joyful that’s going on..
or sumn that would expose the beautiful positive light that we all posses in our hearts!!!
how would it make us all feel!!! i bet!!! amazing!!! us together as a whole!!!
can uplift each other beyond imagination!!!
joy feels better than pain! and you all are beautiful!!!
Touch!!…lez shake all this bad energy ppl!!! lez learn live and love one another!!!
They say life!is not promised tomorrow!
Deeper than that!!!
we weren’t promised!
please! value life!
please! value love!
please!value the life!
you love!
live life like its golden!
If you enjoyed the show or an individual piece,
please add your voice to the forum, and let our guests artist know.
You are appreciated. 

27 Comments on “Touch the Sky: a collaborative journey of art

  1. Hi Kendall, just finished reading the intro to “An Angry World” and found it so engrossing that I had to order it. I look forward to reading the rest. You are an amazingly powerful writer with a unique voice.


  2. Wonderful and meaningful blog! I too am a writer, artist and photographer artist. photography for me is a passion and it is like…for me….the photos are my words. Some photos mean all without the words said. I guess like the cliche: ” a picture is worth a thousand words” !


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  4. the poem’s wonderful, and I love the pictures, especially the green one!


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