The 2013 Season-Ending Show: bridges and Thepublicblogger Awards

The 2013 Season-Ending Show: bridges and Thepublicblogger Awards


from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania……Ivy Soul

The Season-Ending Show: bridges


Imagine you are driving along a rain slicked highway in the dark of night, making visibility near zero. In the distance, you notice the bright blinking lights of the overhead sign and you assume it will read DRIVE SLOW, or perhaps it is an alert of the weather conditions, of which you already know.  But on the approach, the message becomes clear, your heart skips a beat and with eyes wide open, you say a little prayer AMBER ALERT. Child abductions are parents’ worst nightmare.  The safety of our children is paramount and even the thought of a helpless child in the hands of a dangerous stranger is enough to bring us to tears.

On July 22, 2002, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a 7-year-old girl by the name of Erica Pratt was abducted while playing on a neighborhood street. That year, high-profile kidnappings had swept the land leaving the nation on high alert, so the search for little Erica was immediate and intense. Blind-folded, bound and gagged and left in the basement of a vacant building, seven-year-old Erica Pratt refused to become a victim and decided to build her own bridge. Gnawing through the duct tape, freeing her tiny hands from their constraints, and using all her strength, she smashed out the basement window, screamed for help, and ultimately…..saved herself.

The 2013 Nominees Best Self-Help Blog or Post
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Wordless Wednesdays, Our Unified Schools
Difficulties, What2believe The truth of life
Recipes, Spatula Goddess
What gets measured GETS DONE,
Todays Manager
Gratitude, Darkat Sports
7 Ways to Stay Focused, The Butler Journal



Even as a young man, it was clear Desmond Howard was meant to be a star.  An All-American tailback hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, he had record breaking seasons for St. Joseph High and lettered in 3 varsity sports. As a collegiate at the University of Michigan, he would win college football’s highest honor, The Heisman. His professional career had its ups and downs, and while he never became the superstar we expected, he would design his own bridge to the spotlight, and on the world’s biggest stage, he executed the performance of a lifetime. He became the only special teams player in the history of the National Football League to be named Most Valuable Player…. of a Super Bowl.

An underground artist in a raw, exclusive performance….from Baltimore, Maryland – A.U.T.O. parental discretion is advised



The 2013 Nominees Best Short/Long Story {fiction or nonfiction}
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I’m a fucking HERO, Crazy Life
Jane loved Dick, By Ryan
Go Home You Black Bitch, gohomeubb life in Oz
Humiliation, My Travels with Depression A Tale to Tragic To Tell
The Woman in the Red Dress, Malcolm’s Blog
I am Angry and Alone, My Time with You
A Difference of Opinion, My Other Voices


In 1987, Robert Downey Jr. rocketed to stardom with his riveting portrayal of a desperate drug addicted youngster. In the major motion picture, Less Than Zero, we took the title for granted for Tinseltown loves the happy ending. Some say the director was sadistic when after lifelong friends zoomed in for the rescue, Robert’s character would die at the end. But in a literal depiction of life imitating art, that realistic ending may have saved Robert Downey Jr. in real life. His fall from grace was nearly complete. Drug binges in hotel rooms, hallucinating on public streets, failed ventures in rehab; death was all there was left. But the people in his life who loved him refused to give up and somewhere deep inside, Robert Downey Jr. knew his life was worth something. He would walk across a bridge supported by many others, enabling him to turn his life around. In 2008, he would star in Iron Man, a Hollywood blockbuster of epic proportions, reclaiming his fame, and perhaps, saving the life of others.

From 2007, an instant classic….Aidan Gibbons’ animated short The Piano music by Yann Tiersen


The 2013 Nominees Best Humor/Comedy blog or post
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The 2013 Nominees Best Visual Art Piece
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Topanga Canyon, landscapes and waterscapes Young Kwak
Don’t Leave, Secr3t Design, Digital Art
Unnamed Mask, The Bending Moment, Venezia Biennale, Plazza San Marco
When I say Jump You say How High, Barefoot in Paris
Thinking Cap, Charlie Goff-Deakins
Straw Art in Niigata, Japan de Konichiwa


from Berkeley, California….Crystalkay Fairrington music by Fiyaman

The 2013 Nominees Best Poetry/Spiritual Healing
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gets U through the first round of chemo: Here’s my list, pink lemons and rainbows
Walls, shift
No one starts with the Sistine Chapel, Todays Manager
‘Being Her’ is drowning, Being Her (the other woman)
Tupac Amaru Shakur, Naija House of Dreams
Untitled II by Read Brainwaves, Brainwaves life inspired poetry
Introduction, Gotta Find a Home the plight of the homeless



The 2013 Nominees for Best Performance
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Art-Ka-Son, Silent Ambiance
a walk through the ancient porta, A Love Letter from Rome
The Art of Being Alone, Diary of a Crazy Awesome Person
Fragments, Hawthorne Haiku
Me, The Last Zombie
Komiza Every Day, Svakodnevne Fotografije iz Komize
Remember Me? Screw that!, Crazy Life


2013 has been quite a year for The Neighborhood. We have put on nearly 100 shows and could not be more thrilled with the love, kindness and interest that each of you have shown. We have built bridges around the world and are most proud of the relationships established and look forward to building more in the upcoming year.

We hope you have enjoyed The 2013 Season-Ending Show and the first ever online bloggers Awards Show. As an online art house collaborative, we are dedicated to working with recording, visual, performing and written-word artists, in continuing to provide excellence in the arts. From the bottom of my heart, thank you all so very much for coming and have a Happy New Year. See you in 2014.

If you would like to support The Neighborhood and the arts, please contact Marguerite Sanders at or call 650.490.0502. Your support is valued and appreciated.

– Kendall F. Person, thepublicblogger Where writing is a performance art and every post is a show. 



Thepublicblogger Awards produced by Kendall F. Person, thepublicblogger
The 2013 Season-Ending Show: bridges – created, written & edited by Kendall F. Person, thepublicblogger
set design by Brian Spence Photography
A very special Thank You to guests performers Ivy Soul, A.U.T.O and Crystalkay Fairrington
A very special Thank You to all of the judges
A very special Thank You to presenters Fiyaman Productions (best soundman in the business) and The Chris Brake Show
A very special Thank You to Andrea Harris, Marguerite Sanders-Rodriquez, Silas Miers, David P. Jones and Alan Schell
A very special Thank You to The Neighborhood and the neighbors all over the world
A very special Thank You to my mother and to God

Introducing….The Neighborhood


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  4. That’s a nice idea. Hope you have something like that this year too. Maybe I can be a part of it too. Thanks for following my blog. 🙂


  5. Well, I’m not sure why you are following my little blog but I’m happy that you are! Your posts are fascinating and entertaining and from reading everyone’s comments to you, I am in good company in my thinking!


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  8. Hi!

    I would firstly like to apologize for my lack of blogging etiquette. You were one of the first people to follow me and I just had no idea which way was up. So please accept my apology. As I have grown as a blogger and as I humbly take pleasure in dedicating myself to excellence in an arena that is largely un-standardized because I believe in my content and respect my reader I am just wowed!
    So please feel free to drop by my blog and I will in turn keep dropping in here….who knows I might one day be worthy of a prestigious blog award! :)))

    I would be honored if you would re-share my link.
    As I will yours!


      • Yay! Thank-you so much! You just made my day!!! : )
        Will be mutually considerate and look forward to checking out all the blogs you feature and showing some love! Need to make up for some social media karma here : )
        Look forward to interacting!
        Have a gorgeous day!!!


  9. I thank you so much for this award. As I have stated in another message to you, 2013 was a trying year for me. I have a lot of goals for 2014 and a renewed vigor for banging on the keys is on top of the list. May this award be fuel for inspiration. Thank you. You have always encouraged me since we have been exchanging ideas.


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  11. I am a new blogger and I love the idea of an award show – simply brilliant. I look forward to being inspired as I blog my way into 2014!


  12. Good Morning Kendall! And Congrats to all the Nominees and Winners! This turned out Great! Thank you so much for letting me be part of it! You have started a Great thing here and I can see it going Very far! It’s amazing the vision you have and even more amazing to see it come to life in your blogs!

    Have a Happy New Years and More Great Success To Come!



  13. It was so great to read that section about the little girl who refused to be the victim, and fought for her life.


  14. Hey A.U.T.O I love that track and Nice Lyrics!! And of cause Im In love with hats, that one looks nice on you!! All the best to you..


  15. I am thrilled to recieve the award for Best Poetry/Spiritual Healing post! These words help me heal during difficult and testing times. I only hope that it can do the same for others. We all have our own fight to fight. Being nominated just motivated me evan that much more to be honest and naked with my words.

    It means alot to be amongst such great talent and beautiful writers/artists. I love being a part of The Neighborhood. The show was nothing less than amazing Kendall. Many thanks 🙂 Cheers to a healthy, prosperous and enriching 2014!


    • Thank you for your uplifting message and beautiful acceptance speech. I will say no more, for your words have the power to stand alone. Happy New Year and thank you for being such a motivating part of The Neighborhood.


  16. Congratulations to all the winners, and thanks to Kendall for inviting us to be a part of the show – lots of great things out there in the Neighborhood for sure. -john


  17. Thanks Kendall for connecting me with some great outlets of creativity through your show. Well done! Happy New Year!


  18. Very grateful to receive the award for the best self-help post, the joy is beyond measure. Taking this chance, I would like to thank you, Kendall and all the other judges for selecting my post about shifting perspective in face of difficulties in life. More, every one of the nominated posts in this category are indeed all masterpieces to me which equally deserves the honor and the joy of this award, my admiration and appreciation to all of them.

    What I shared in this post is an experience really works for me and I am sure for everyone else too. The point is, we can all help ourselves without depending on anything external for happiness, the wisdom is already within.

    Great to be part of thepublicblogger neighborhood, I love you all with all my heart.


  19. Thank you for the wonderful entry and for the Follow. Happy 2014!


  20. Hey Crystalkay, I like this and I love when you say Im {Going Back To My Center} powerful ! that track is great, You have a wonderful Speaking!!


    • You are at the BIG show {Big smile}. Have a very Happy New Year and thank you so very much for young incredible contributions to The Neighborhood. You bring a motivational, joyful presence wherever you go. – Kendall


  21. Congrats to you…you are the person if I was choosing I would have chosen…Keep up the good work Kendall and Happy New Year 2014. Can’t wait to see what you do next year. I know I will be taking lots more pictures and I will be finishing my murder mystery which I have been trying to write for 20 year between school, work, kids and a husband now everyone is gone but my youngest and she still lives at home and 2 oldest have moved on to greener pastures so I have time to write my husband would have been proud cause he kept telling me dust it off the kids are old enough to be quiet while you write so that is what I’m doing now. Wish me luck. I will see you next year. Kat PS did you see that already have a movie out for our favorite guy which you wrote you blog Mandela cool huh?


  22. Thank you for the award! I’m speechless! And thank you to the Chris Brake show for pronouncing my last name correctly! And thanks to all those judges that I bribed with coconut M&Ms.


  23. Wow to be a special guest, Im truly honoured to be apart of this history taking event Thank you so much Mr. Person.. Keep up all your great work


  24. Dear Kendall and everyone involved in this amazing show. I just want to thank you for the award and to let you know how much writing my story, and the subsequent nomination has done for me personally. To Ryan, I have been entertained by many of his stories and am honoured to share the stage with such a talented writer and storyteller.

    Personally, I have always read and written, but mostly in secret, it has been the most powerful tool in my survival kit but not something I shared or something that was taken seriously in any way, by myself or those around me. Go Home, You Black Bitch was written and posted in a single afternoon as though it had been sitting there waiting for me to take the time to write it down. The relief I felt at being able to speak my truth, for the first time it seemed, that feeling set me on a path from which there is now no return.

    The nomination for Best Story forced me to take yet another step and realise that not only could I write if the situation demanded it, but that I must write. I have a lot to say, I have experienced much, and I have learned much – I have failed often, I have doubted often, and I have despaired far too often. If only one person ever read my story and thought to themselves “it’s time I spoke my truth” then living my life and having written my story is more than worth the effort.

    As an aside I want to mention that although the first step may be to speak your truth, what many don’t realise until they try it is, if you keep speaking your truth you will start to live your truth and the only possible outcome from there is peace.

    All of the winners and nominees were fantastic, I have had a ball getting to know a whole new host of bloggers during the lead up and the final show. The Chris Brake show is gold, but I can’t quite say why, the images and the other guest artists were all brilliant, interesting and diverse. It’s an excellent blog, I love being a part of The Neighborhood. I sincerely thank you. -Robyn


    • Robyn – I will let your inspiring, courageous and beautiful words speak for themselves. Thank you for your enormous contribution to The Neighborhood. It is all the more beautiful place with you here. Happy New Year. – Kendall


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    • quiall – Thank you for attending and I am thrilled that you had such a wonderful. Thank you for adding such a spirited voice to this forum. As always, you are appreciated and I hope you have a very Happy New Year.


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