The Rapture of Winning

Posted on December 26, 2013



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In 1920, Harvey E. Newbranch, writer for the Evening World Herald in Omaha, Nebraska, became the first writer to win the coveted Pulitzer Prize, for his scathing review of the breakdown of government in light of the race riots, that brought the city of Omaha to its knees. The brutal lynching of Will Brown, a black worker, followed by the murder of two white men, the assassination attempt of the sitting Mayor, all dominoed into a rampaging crowd of thousands, who burned the Douglas County Courthouse…. to the ground.

There is the rule of the jungle in this world, and there is the rule of law.

Under jungle rule no man’s life is safe, no man’s wife, no man’s mother, sister, children, home, liberty, rights, property. Under the rule of law protection is provided for all these, and provided in proportion as law is efficiently and honestly administered and its power and authority respected and obeyed. – excerpt from Law of the Jungle


The Golden Globe Awards, one of Hollywood’s most prestigious honors of recognition within the Science of Film & Television, and precursor to the Academy Awards, was nearly laughed out of existence. In 1982, it awarded Pia Zadora the Golden Globe as New Star of the Year for her critically bashed role in Butterfly, a movie that had not even opened in the United States. It is understood that her husband, a multi-millionaire, wined and dined the voting members of the Hollywood Foreign Press, buying the award for his young bride, and crippling the show’s reputation for years to come.


Some of the most spectacular records in artistic greatness belong to winners of the Grammy Awards, the music industry’s highest honor. In 1984, Michael Jackson capped off a showstopper of a year, winning 8 Grammys in a single night, the most by any performer in history. But in 2000, Carlos Santana matched the King of Pop, blow for blow, winning 8 Grammys for the brilliant Supernatural. But whatever you do, please do not tell Brian McKnight, an R&B crooner who holds the record for most nominations without a single win: 16.

In 1999, the Daytime Emmy Awards brought the world to tears in  one of the few, unscripted memorable moments of any awards show. Susan Lucci, better known as Erica Kane of ABC’s daytime soap opera, All My Children, bested Mr. McKnight with 18 consecutive, empty Best Lead Actress nominations. But the 19th would be the charm.  When heartthrob Shemar Moore opened the envelope and screamed “The curse is over! Susan Lucci!” a nearly 2 minute standing ovation erupts, finally giving the Queen of the soap opera her due.

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On December 30th, 2013, 7 winners of 7 distinct categories will be named in the very first online, bloggers Awards Show.  The international group of judges and presenters have been diligent and have worked very hard in assuring the fairness of the process and in supporting the budding reputation of Thepublicblogger Awards. There have been arguments, dismissals and deadlocks. There have been request for rule changes, for tiebreakers and to allow a public vote. I have stood firm in all the decisions that have been made, and offer that we have done our very best.

The envelopes have been sealed. The special guests performers and presenters are confirmed.
The stage has been set. A star will be born.

The 2013 Season-Ending Show: Thepublicblogger Awards

debuts December 30th @ 3:01 a.m. San Francisco, 6:01 a.m. Philadelphia, 12:01 p.m.
London, 7:01 p.m. Nairobi,  11:01 p.m. Jakarta,  & December 31st @ 12:01 a.m. Wellington
**2 minute live broadcasts @ 12:01 a.m. NZDT
**World Clock**

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