The Gift of Life a poem by a special guest

Posted on August 31, 2013



The Gift of Life
Andrea L. Harris

The wind blows

The grass grows
Liars tell lies…the elderly die…
Flowers bloom
And we assume
That the “Sun will come out tomorrow”.
We laugh at our mistakes
We cry when a child is born
Tormented by love’s hate
Yet entangled in the storm.
Breathing the breath that freely gives
We put to death those who kill
And in our mind, where the conscience lives
We hide behind the free will.
Looking deep inside the heart
…it’s a start
Or, is it the end?
Where did it all begin?
Where will it all end?
Will the sun really come out tomorrow
Are we living on borrowed time
To breath fresh air, our last breath we’d give
Life’s so precious and divine.
Love, freedom, kindness and truth?
We dig deeper and deeper
But where’s the proof?
Yet life is so marvelous
We’d give it all
To wake up tomorrow
And watch the sun fall.
So the wind shall keep blowing
And it shall come as no surprise
That the sun shall rise
And the babies shall cry
The elderly die and
The liars lie…
And be it ever so humble
Bound together until we depart
There shall never be a greater gift
Than the gift we call life!
{the gift of life preludes The Right to Life}

 {trailer for The Right to Life}

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