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Posted on July 16, 2013



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“I’ve become so numb, all I want is to become more like me and be less like you.” – Numb, Linkin Park

heavensgateIn April 1997, in an exclusive gated community in the suburbs of San Diego, California, 38 bodies were found dead in various stages of decomposition. All of the bodies represented members of Heaven’s Gate, a religious doomsday cult, combining New Age Faith, Christian doctrine and science fiction. They believed that planet Earth was about to be recycled and the only way to survive, was to escape.

But in order to achieve ‘The Next Level’ members had to release all human-like characteristics, including family, friends, individuality, jobs, money, possessions and even sexuality, explaining why many of the men found dead, had voluntarily been castrated. Their leader, Marshall Applewhite, prepared his congregants for departure, by convincing them, that a spaceship from comet Hale-Bopp would arrive shortly to board their souls, but only after they were dead.

applewoodSo with a fatal mix of cyanide and arsenic, blended with pineapple for taste and vodka for courage, members, accepting the mad teachings of Marshall Applewhite as truth, drank of their salvation cocktail, placed plastic bags over their heads, to assure death by asphyxiation, lied down peacefully upon their beds, and awaited entry into Heaven’s Gate.

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Kendall F. Person’s The Religious Right Book II Truth

written, edited & developed by Kendall F. Person, thepublicblogger
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truthThere are two truths of Religion. One is what actually happened. The other, is what a believer actually believes. But only one truth is universally accepted by all of mankind, and that is the indisputable fact, we are here. A widely accepted truth among scientist and evolutionist is that of The Big Bang Theory. A complex mix of light elements, cosmic microwave, supernovae, heat, expansion and the formation of helium, all eventually contributing to the birth of man. Accepting of this truth make up a quantitative percentage of a group known today as atheists.

2030 - In Pyongyang, North Korea, word of the assassination of their congregation, including their Leader, took the administration by surprise. Generally, having the uncanny ability to maintain a poker face, shielding the truth from the rank and file, this time proved different. So distraught where the leaders, who were now in charged, their grief spilled out into public view, alerting the masses of the tragedy that had befallen their country.

dearleaderNormally, in abject fear of peering into the outside world, apprehensive of immediate and fierce retaliation, the citizens were embolden by the spectacular show of emotion and a curiosity they had never known. By the masses, they flocked to the underground, gathering around archaic televisions and outdated computers, which offered glimpses of a truth, they have never questioned because they never had a reason to. Most knew nothing about religion, believing their Dear Leader had created the world, and therefore could not comprehend what the World Council was or what the meeting could be about. But the elders and those who, somehow managed, to interpret the belief in God, absorbed the information and spread the word about. But after these words appeared, “We have a problem,” all of the television and computer screens blinked on and off, and then went silently cold.

crowdIn Detroit, Michigan, USA - Mattie Torough, a devout Christian and Frances Shabazz, a faithful Muslim had been best friends for more than 30 years. They were in the car, Mattie driving, when word of the announcement infiltrated the radio waves. “We have a problem,”  was all the voice said before the radio waves went dead. Mattie pulled over, having lost all of the strength to drive on. Two old friends sat in silence, before one placed one hand on her heart and the other on top of the hand of her dear friend.

In Jerusalem, Israel – The intermittent fighting between the Israelites and the Palestinians came to a sudden and complete halt. Both sides, hurling bombs across the towering wall, listened to the announcement being broadcast on outdoor speakers, installed throughout the dual country. Neither side knowing what to think of the mysterious words, neither side wanting to give up.

atomicbombOn August 6, 1945, an airplane known as the Enola Gay dropped an atomic bomb on the city of Hiroshima, Japan, instantly vaporizing 70,000 people, and killing another 100,000, through burns and radiation sickness in the months and years to follow. The decision was said to have been the most difficult of US President Harry S. Truman’s life. But with the Japanese army of two million strong refusing to give up, and with Americans and the world leery of a continuous, drawn out war, the decision became inevitable as a sign of ultimate force. But through the horrors,  peace treaties and scientific advances that became of that day, perhaps the most important knowledge may have been lost, is that a third truth had been discovered. That truth being, however a person believes Man was given life, humankind had developed the ability to exterminate itself away.

At the convening of The World Council, the last vote had been counted. The auditors were concluding their job and while no one knew for sure, The Philosophers were certain, they had the numbers, and a premature smile spread across most of their faces. But the spiritual healer from the nation of India began to have second thoughts. The idea of Hinduism being the world’s sole religion was a thought too majestic to pass up. But what price were they paying in  joining ranks with the non-believers, for although Hindus worshiped more than one God, there was the underlying truth, that each of the gods or goddesses, where actually one in the same. And that their belief in God or divine energy, could now be forever in jeopardy.

worldglobeEven a few pragmatic scientist, whose belief in evolution was absolute, realized that a vote by the slimiest of margins, would hail victory for a majority, but would drown a large number in suffocating grief. How could a system based on fair, with such an unbalanced outcome lead to world peace? So as the proctor took to the podium and the world listened intently, while holding their breath, India and a few scientist from around the world, broke ranks with The Philosophers and leaped from their chairs. “STOP!” They shouted in a singular, united voice. The proctor, somewhat startled but maintaining his composure, leaned forward into the microphone and said, “We have a problem.” Then signaled to all of the technicians… to shut the monitors down.

to be continued…. 

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Book III Free Will 

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