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christianscienceOn March 28, 1984, Seth Ian Glaser, of Culver City, California, died at the tender age of 17 months at the hands of his parents and before their God. The day before he died, both of Seth’s parents, members of the Christian Science Church, noted he seemed ill and very tired. Rather than seek qualified medical care, they sought treatment through an absent church practitioner, instructing them to pray, that God would remove the sickness from their child. While there were signs that baby Seth would recover, he soon relapsed with fever, coughing, rapid breathing and his little heart began to race. Holding firm onto their beliefs, that God would cure there son, neither thought too seriously about taking their baby to the hospital.

childThe following morning, baby Seth turned blue and begin vomitting up every ounce of food in his tiny, unwell stomach. Deciding to take action, they made an appointment to see a church healer, but en-route things went from bad to worse. Baby Seth began convulsing, which lasted a mind-numbing :90 seconds. His arms and legs became rigid, and to even the most optimistic, it had to be clear that their son was dying.

Upon arrival and attention by the healer, it was found necessary to contact a church practitioner who had supposedly, successfully resurrected the dead. Sometime between the performances of church personnel and the time the mortuary was called, baby Seth’s mother had stopped believing.

Kendall F. Person’s The Religious Right

A World Peace Time Event

developed, written & edited by Kendall F. Person, thepublicblogger

Book I Belief

All religions begin and end with a belief in a deity or higher power. And while Hinduism is considered a singular religion, it is in actuality, an umbrella term for multiple types of religions, including many which contain the belief of multiple deities or Gods. Even religions that believe in nature, recognize a higher power in a non-traditional use of the term, but very real sense of belief. But where confusion most runs rampant is within atheism, which is also an umbrella term, encompassing beliefs in evolution, the outright rejection of a deity to belief in the values of a religious order, but not in its core belief of a singular Being, known as the Alpha and the Omega.

2030 – The world had decided. that it had been pushed to the brink of nuclear war and ultimately, self-annihilation for the last time.  North Korea’s borders were no longer wide enough, and the leader had decided to spread his personality cult across the world, by force if necessary. Israel and Palestine, had not just given up hope of achieving a lasting truce, but decided they could no longer stand to live among side one another, even with a towering fifty-foot wall built between them.  Losing all faith in the Holy See, Catholics were in full revolt of Vatican City, and the caste system in India had imploded, with the lower members using Jihadists’ tactics in blowing up temples around the country.


An emergency meeting of the World Council, which had, by this time, become the only true world power, had convened and after weeks of around the clock brainstorming, had decided that world peace was the only solution and the combining of all religious orders into a unified glorification of faith, was the only method. Each country was given three equal seats. One of its respective leader. The other of its top scientific mind and the third represented its country’s anointed spiritual healer. North Korea was the most vociferous, and after failing to convince even a single solitary nation of its Leaders divine right, stood from its seats and marched toward the heavily guarded door.

The rules of engagement were simple, everyone would be allowed to speak in an attempt to convince the others that their beliefs were just, but in the end, after a series of eliminations, a final round of voting would take place, with the majority of the votes denoting the world’s faith. Any attempts to thwart the process would be put down immediately and with full force, thus, the assassination of North Korea’s congregation was fierce and without hesitation.

The Philosophers, the agreed upon naming, had come to the table already prepared. The atheist combined forces with the Buddhist, assuring they were a force to be reckoned with. Their unified argument that belief was an internal decision made by each individual and could not be mandated by the state, would be the only way to achieve everlasting peace, won over the practitioners of Hinduism, making their stance a powerful position by sheer numbers.

In the aftermath of baby Seth’s death, only the mother was charged with the offense of manslaughter and child endangerment. Many states and countries have laws against religious prosecution, and perhaps this was the logic behind not charging the father in the death of his child. It is the understanding, that while the mother’s faith did waiver, the father stood firm, truly believing that prayer would save his child.

To believe in a higher power, specifically the teachings of a Religion, calls for an absolute faith in a deity that cannot be seen and that only the soul will ever truly meet. It calls for  spiritual worship and asking forgiveness of one’s sins, in a manner that is dictated by historical prophecy or by the person who reigns at the head of a specific church. Belief cannot be argued or persuaded or ridiculed away. It cannot truly be explained nor can it be supported by scientific weight. Belief is internal, connecting and delivering nourishment to the mind, body and soul. It is solace in times of turmoil, it is salvation during times of great hardship. It is a peace so sound, it cannot be rocked with bullets or exploded with man-made bombs. It is a feeling of such comfort, that many who believe, fall to their knees or speak in tongues or cry tears that do bleed. Ultimately, belief is something that is unseen, but a person of faith knows is always there.

A timeout was requested and granted for the countries to communicate with their nations, talk among themselves, and find common ground where there had only been despair. The religions of Abraham, that fought bloody and endless wars against one another, found they were outnumbered, and chose the unimaginable, to band together. Christianity, Islam and Judaism, with the extinction of their faiths inevitable, thought back hard, but try as they may, could not remember who had thrown the first stone. So, along with the tiny nations, with holy men of  indigenous beliefs, sought sanctity in one another. They branded their mythical swords, allotted concessions, but in the end, decided to worship together, and swore to uphold his Lord.

So around and around the voting went, one Religion after another falling by the wayside. The cultist, and the practitioners of witchcraft, failed to unite, thus meeting the same fate as the Leaders of the hermit state. One final vote was all they had left. Two powerful forces, with all of humankind now poised to choose a side, The Philosophers and The Sons of Abraham, pitted one against the other. A civil vote was guaranteed, with only one Religion being the world’s destiny. The last of the secret ballots, now dropped into the box, the counting then assumed. Around the world, in every nation on earth, every man, woman and child…held its collective breath.

….to be continued

Book II Truth 

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